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Athlete of the Year

10.12.2008 | Off Court

You can now vote online for the United States Sports Academy’s 2008 Athlete of the Year award. Votes will be collected until December 24, the winner will be announced on Christmas Day.


Roger faces strong competition: Usain Bolt (track and field), Kobe Bryant (basketball), Brian Clay (decathlon), Haile Gebrselassie (marathon), Ryan Howard (baseball), Jimmie Johnson  (auto racing (NASCAR)), Eli Manning (football), Rafael Nadal (tennis), Michael Phelps (swimming), Tim Tebow (college football), Tiger Woods (golf).


If you'd like to support Roger, please follow the link below. Our champ won this award in 2007 and 2006 – so let’s make it a hattrick!

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11.12.2008 | 21:07
Good luck!
11.12.2008 | 20:47
No matter what, you´re the best, the only number 1 in our hearts .
Go on Roger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just do it
11.12.2008 | 20:26
I voted for yooo!! =) I love yoo soo much & good luck!! It'll hopefully be a hatrick ;)
xxx =) xxx
11.12.2008 | 20:12
I already voted for you roger! ;) good luck Xx
11.12.2008 | 19:51
Have just voted for you and would love you to win again! Although this has not been your best year due to the debilitating illness you suffered you have been just great and shown such grit and determination.

All the luck in the world.

11.12.2008 | 19:37
We'll still vote for you Roger as you are always incredible in our eyes!! Good Luck!
11.12.2008 | 19:28
I've already voted for you, Roger!!!
I hope you won!!!
So... good luck, champ!!!
you're our number 1, don't forget it!!!
I believe in you Roger!!
11.12.2008 | 19:08
I vote for you roger Goooooooood Luck!!!!!!!!!!
11.12.2008 | 18:20
Have Voted!!! Good Luck!!! :)
11.12.2008 | 18:17
Good luck Honey! I'll tell all my friends to vote for you, ok? It's gonna be a hattrick, i'm sure. We're here with you all along, you know that!