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Athlete of the Year

10.12.2008 | Off Court

You can now vote online for the United States Sports Academy’s 2008 Athlete of the Year award. Votes will be collected until December 24, the winner will be announced on Christmas Day.


Roger faces strong competition: Usain Bolt (track and field), Kobe Bryant (basketball), Brian Clay (decathlon), Haile Gebrselassie (marathon), Ryan Howard (baseball), Jimmie Johnson  (auto racing (NASCAR)), Eli Manning (football), Rafael Nadal (tennis), Michael Phelps (swimming), Tim Tebow (college football), Tiger Woods (golf).


If you'd like to support Roger, please follow the link below. Our champ won this award in 2007 and 2006 – so let’s make it a hattrick!

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12.12.2008 | 08:11
I have voted for you, but i really have to say that michael Phelps is a very good candidate this year.
Hope you win
12.12.2008 | 07:43
ROGER I JUST VOTED FOR YOU! you ARE the athlete of the year without any doubt.. have a gd rest and i cant wait to see you in 2009! we miss you alot!!! :))

Love, grace
12.12.2008 | 07:22
My champion is roger federer and manny pacquiao. why they did not include pacquiao, the peoples champ of the philippines, my neighbor here in davao city
12.12.2008 | 06:26
I voted for you............

Good luck....
12.12.2008 | 05:57
go roger...i have voted already,
all the best...
12.12.2008 | 04:38
Each sport has it´s records and his best legends!!!
Gymnastic has Nadia
Swimming has Phelps
Basket ball has Jordan
and then we have Bolt, Armstrong, etc.
And tennis has Federer
this year we had the Olympics games so we could have the chance to see
12.12.2008 | 04:28
I am wishing you all this best this year Fed. I know it hasn't been up to your standards by any means. But you fought hard this year. I know you deserve all the praise you get and the fans and even players on tour will agree with me. I can't wait until yo
12.12.2008 | 03:50
The Capitala Abu Dhabi exhibition just announced the draw. Roger plays the winner of the match between James Blake and Andy Murray. Nadal plays the winner of the match between Roddick and Davydenko. These semi-final matches on Jan 2 should be great! Roger
My Swiss Knight: I voted for you because I TRUELY BELIEVE NO ONE DESERVES THE TILTLE MORE THAN YOU DO. This year you fought bitterly to keep your ranking and suffered defeats because of the energy depleating Mono but you ended up crowning your year with o
12.12.2008 | 02:33
Sweet Roger!

Voted you as number one of course. Also voted for your pals Tiger and Serena. Good luck!!! What a nice Chritsmas present that would be.

Hugs to you and Mirka