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Roger blasts through to final!

29.01.2009 | Tennis

Roger showed another great display today to reach the Australian Open final! He defeated Andy Roddick in straight sets 6-2, 7-5, 7-5 and is on course for a record-tying 14th Grand Slam title.


"Andy's been playing really playing well so I knew I had a tough match ahead of me," Roger said. "I thought I played really well tonight because Andy played good too, so it was fun."


With Rafael Nadal as the favourite for his semi final, Roger commented: "He's showing why he's the best player in the world. I would love to play him in the final, that's for sure."


The victory also meant that Roger emulated Pete Sampras by reaching 18 grand slam finals. The only person to beat Roger in a major final is Nadal, three at Roland Garros and once at Wimbledon. Ivan Lendl played 19 grand slam finals.


It was demoralising for Andy Roddick today, who came into the match revitalised by a change in coach but got off to an appalling start and argued with the chair umpire as the first set slipped past in 32 minutes. Roger had the seventh seed on a string and he reeled off 12 straight points to take the second, breaking for 6-5 and serving out with grim precision for the two-set lead.

Roddick tangled again with the umpire when he swore loudly and received a code violation, and was left staggered when Roger dug himself out of trouble with a brilliant drop shot, lob and stop-volley to hold for 5-5. The American was then guilty of a howler as he patted the ball to Roger's feet with the court begging, gifting the crucial break point which our champ converted with an unstoppable forehand before calmly serving out the win.


Roger can join Roy Emerson, André Agassi, Jack Crawford and Ken Rosewall as the only men to have won four or more titles in Melbourne. Way to go, Roger!

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31.01.2009 | 17:44
Dear Roger,
Don't take Nadal's fatigue as seriously. It is most likely another trick to distract you. You know I would have liked to see Nadal to play if he didn't make that annoying grunt, or Djokovic to pat the ball dozens of time before serving. They
31.01.2009 | 17:38

.. I am totally sure ..
31.01.2009 | 17:38
Off court respect for Nadal
On court no respect no mercy
Crush him than apologize like he did in Paris
I wish you all the best

31.01.2009 | 17:36
I'm setting my alarm for 2:30 AM and can't wait to watch you tie Pete's record! Best of luck! You're the greatest ever! See you in NY over Labor Day weekend!
31.01.2009 | 17:32
Hi Roger,

It was great watching you beat Andy. You've got it all together and you look absolutely slamjammin' on that court!

All the best for the final against Rafa. This your territory, so go for it!

31.01.2009 | 17:31
I like your expression "Bullish Federer"!

"...now you can get a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, food and new shoes, while you opponent waits" ha ha ha!!!
I agree with you that the old rule made more sense. If you'r
31.01.2009 | 17:25
Dear Roger,
We believe in you,
Go champ,
31.01.2009 | 17:25
Very best of luck for today!

Relax, play your best, and that poor trophy will get through without the indignity of tooth-marks all over it!
31.01.2009 | 17:23
Some players cheat and it is unfortunate -- and the umpires should enforce the rule or have buzzers -- however after a long rally both players might need a little more respite than the usual 20 sec rule -- but there are always workaround to these problems
31.01.2009 | 17:19
*** Mitz

Of course, I totally agree with you that "First of all I am so glad that Roger has never cheated nor would he even think of it. Tennis means too much to him for him...".

I remember a fan writing after the Hamburg 2008 final something indica