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Fans' favourite

13.03.2009 | Tennis

Dear Fans


Your loyal support for Roger during the entire season is terrific. The whole team would like to express their gratitude for this.


Now is your chance to officially show your support as a fan as the 2008 ‘fans’ favourite’ voting has been opened! All you have to do is visit the ATP website (see link below) and choose your favourite player. Also place your vote for your favourite doubles team and the other prestigious awards that will be announced on March 25th, 2009.


Every vote counts!

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15.03.2009 | 15:21
I voted for you Roger! Good luck!
15.03.2009 | 12:17
Just voted
Your the best player ever and I'm sure you are going to win.
15.03.2009 | 07:50
I voted Roger,i'm sure you will get this award and you'll be No.1 again.i believe it
love and support you for ever****
15.03.2009 | 05:44
I've voted.

*** GO ROGER GO ***

Love you forever, Champ !!!!!!!!!
15.03.2009 | 05:36
Dear Roger:

You are my favourite player. I already voted for you!
15.03.2009 | 05:35
Of course I voted for you! You deserve being selected NO.1 in the world! You're No.1 not only for being the tennis player ever in the history but also for continuously showing us the way we all should be to be a nice person. That's why we all love you!
15.03.2009 | 03:53
Dear Roger,

Congrats to you and Mirka on the new life you are about to bring into this world. without a doubt you two are going to be incredible parents. It couldn't have happen to a better couple.

good health and god's blessing be with you both.
15.03.2009 | 03:37
Hi Roger

I voted just now. You're the best in your fan' heart.

I saw you win the second round of Indian Wells this morning in HK time. Congradulation, come on on next round.

Happy JJ from HK.
15.03.2009 | 03:35
15.03.2009 | 03:35