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Roger cruises on

17.03.2009 | Tennis

Roger felled big-serving Croat Ivo Karlovic 7-6 6-3 in just 70 minutes to reach the fourth round in Indian Wells.


“It’s always a bit of a success story to get his serve back,” Roger said. “It seems like he is serving from the service line. Ivo has really improved a lot over the past few years so it’s always nice to get through a tough match like this.”


Our champ was able to withstand 13 aces by the Croatian, breaking him in the seventh game of the second set to avoid another tiebreaker while never facing a break point himself. "That's always a good thing," he said of holding serve with ease. "That kind of keeps you a bit relaxed." Despite his dominant record over Karlovic, Roger  said he was always glad to come away with a win against him.


Roger next faces Chile's Fernando Gonzalez (head-to-head: 11:1), who dispatched American James Blake 7-5, 6-1.


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18.03.2009 | 22:32
come on Rog.
we still believe in you.
18.03.2009 | 22:31
18.03.2009 | 22:31
that's nothing, come on Roger!!! sending you much strength!!!
18.03.2009 | 22:29
stay strong Roger!!!!
18.03.2009 | 22:24

break him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
18.03.2009 | 22:21
"Come on..."
Go Roger, go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18.03.2009 | 22:19
Yes!!!! Go Roger, try to break him now...no tie breaks pleaseeeee!!
18.03.2009 | 22:10
Indeed, Brian, a lot of variety today..just have to keep strong now as Gonzo is putting up a better fight in the 2nd!
18.03.2009 | 22:07
Roger, stay strong and .....go, go, go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18.03.2009 | 22:03
unwriteable how uncountable many many many many varations of several shots he's able to do. unbelievable. unbelievable. amazing. can't find words. so many kinds of options he has and is able to do which are. unwriteable many. neverending. if i didn't see