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Madrid draw

09.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger will either meet Sweden's Robin Söderling (head-to-head: 8-0) or Russia's Igor Andreev (head-to-head: 2-0) after a first round bye at the Madrid Open starting this coming week.


The following round would mean a possible match against James Blake (ATP 16) before a meeting with Andy Roddick (ATP 6) in the quarter final. The semi-final could then be another clash with Andy Murray - just like last year when Murray stopped Roger from entering the final in Madrid in three sets.


Roger is busy with his final preparations in Madrid since Friday.

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13.05.2009 | 07:33
Hello Roger,

Congratulations on your win today agains Robin. I heard you had a great first set. The second wasn't bad either.

Best wishes on your next match. Hope to hear good news and are enjoying playing each game point regardless of the outcome.
13.05.2009 | 06:58
dear..u'll do it this tym..v all knw dat..
clinch yr first title n ralan garros..
plzz ..if this happens sen i would b the happiest person of the world..
All the very best to you champ..
13.05.2009 | 06:49
You have to win this as well as French open that follows. Thats my wish. Dont be too much stressed Roger. Just play your natural game.
13.05.2009 | 06:20
"i say we should all get happy without asking why"
Roger:i know its only the 1st match of the tournament...but come on 11 aces that IS awsome...all my energy is with you,i just cant wait for the french open,belive in yourself, i know you are back...i can
13.05.2009 | 05:47
Dear Roger
Congratulations on your win today. You will always be the best.
All the best for your next match
13.05.2009 | 05:44
Great match (Y)

Just demolish all your opponents like this in all matches :)
13.05.2009 | 05:16
Our Dearest Roger:
Congratulations on winning your first match in Madrid. I missed it but I read about it. I learned about the 11 aces, the great lob, the great shots and the great stats. I am so so so proud like all your fans are. I was really sad t
13.05.2009 | 04:08
***JJfromUK*** Brilliant post, refreshing and hilarious, too. It's great to have someone with your dry sense of humour on board.

***tuluta*** No worries, my dear. At least we know where to watch on Thursday. We also learned about the site from ***lux_l
13.05.2009 | 04:03
Looking good. Congrats on you victory. We are all cheering you on. Stay aggressive and don't let up on your play.
13.05.2009 | 03:48
Roger gave a nice interview on atptennis.com. Sounded a lot more confidant and has tomorrow off to practice more. GO ROGER and congratulations!!!