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Madrid draw

09.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger will either meet Sweden's Robin Söderling (head-to-head: 8-0) or Russia's Igor Andreev (head-to-head: 2-0) after a first round bye at the Madrid Open starting this coming week.


The following round would mean a possible match against James Blake (ATP 16) before a meeting with Andy Roddick (ATP 6) in the quarter final. The semi-final could then be another clash with Andy Murray - just like last year when Murray stopped Roger from entering the final in Madrid in three sets.


Roger is busy with his final preparations in Madrid since Friday.

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13.05.2009 | 03:47
Since you beat Soderling in the second round, good luck in the third, Roger! Best of luck.
13.05.2009 | 03:06
lots of love roger, goodluck in madrid..wish you good health
13.05.2009 | 02:28
good luck roger!
13.05.2009 | 01:55
guys guy, HELLO, it was me 1st who spotted boletti, tht is why i mntnd time in my 1st post on page 26 ...

roger, nervy match frm my side ... it was soldering so u came bak, will nt happen again top 3 ... smehw i need those moment mre so u practice and
13.05.2009 | 01:52
**Caperucita, **lux_lady, **TriniMum, **mardeo, **RogerTheMan and others ROGRHOLICS

I want to apologize ALL OF YOU.

I don't know why, I did not notice, that you had troubles with the live-streaming.
I watched Roger on www.fromsport.com (I had
13.05.2009 | 01:47
The heading of this news page is ATP-MADRID DRAW. This Madrid draw is most ridiculous that they put all the Spaniards on Nadal's side and all Americans on Roger's. Nowadays draws of all tournaments have become crazy and more unfair to most players except
13.05.2009 | 01:18

keep rolling.. yooohooo!!Congrats

onto the next games!!!!!!!!

13.05.2009 | 01:07

***JJfromUK, nice post Thank you.

Roger, congratulations again. Very strong start in tournament. Great match, brilliant first set.
Can't wait your next game.

13.05.2009 | 00:40
***JJfromUK, I loved your post and fully agree with Mitz and the others. Really funny! Thank you. I just watched Roger's match again, now watching his movements more than the match itself. He was moving great, he was very quick, dancing like he used to. A
13.05.2009 | 00:28
Thanks Mitz, feedback appreciated. Always liked yours too, especially the other day, meant to say so, wished I had now. I like the way you and many others such as Hughsie always give Roger your unequivocable support - too many to mention, would be here f