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Madrid draw

09.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger will either meet Sweden's Robin Söderling (head-to-head: 8-0) or Russia's Igor Andreev (head-to-head: 2-0) after a first round bye at the Madrid Open starting this coming week.


The following round would mean a possible match against James Blake (ATP 16) before a meeting with Andy Roddick (ATP 6) in the quarter final. The semi-final could then be another clash with Andy Murray - just like last year when Murray stopped Roger from entering the final in Madrid in three sets.


Roger is busy with his final preparations in Madrid since Friday.

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13.05.2009 | 00:24
JJfromUK: Funny you are, whoever you are.
I think we need more humor around here. As a fan site we should have fun. "If he gets any further back in the court they will be charging him admission fees!!" HoHoHo. Did you read about how talented and skilled
13.05.2009 | 00:20
Congratulations, Roger. Nice win!! xoxo
13.05.2009 | 00:11
13.05.2009 | 00:09

12.05.2009 | 23:58
JJ from UK. Marvelous post. I really enjoyed reading it and I know Roger would also be very pleased to read your remarks.
12.05.2009 | 23:57
nooo roger, solleva il tuo livello di gioco
12.05.2009 | 23:56
Dear Roger,

Support you regardlessly, but do wish and love to see you to win the first title of the season.

It is a big year for you- got married, soon to be a dad, so should not be shadowed by your loss at the court......

Hold on.....all the bes
12.05.2009 | 23:28
Well done. Excellent first set. Without changes in yourself in the second set. Please, be carefull in your concentration.You need much more regularity in your play.
12.05.2009 | 23:25
Hi rogerfans
Was watching Murray
Paint was drying, as usual
His got more defence than NATO!!
If he gets any further back in the court they will be charging him admission fees!!

At 3-3 commentator says Roger is coming out on court
I reached for th
12.05.2009 | 23:23
Good luck. We're hoping to see you play well... You're still our favorite WIN-OR-LOSE.

Use your head out there. With your vast array of weapons you should be able to make the adjustments no one else can. You should be able to put the other players