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Madrid draw

09.05.2009 | Tennis

Roger will either meet Sweden's Robin Söderling (head-to-head: 8-0) or Russia's Igor Andreev (head-to-head: 2-0) after a first round bye at the Madrid Open starting this coming week.


The following round would mean a possible match against James Blake (ATP 16) before a meeting with Andy Roddick (ATP 6) in the quarter final. The semi-final could then be another clash with Andy Murray - just like last year when Murray stopped Roger from entering the final in Madrid in three sets.


Roger is busy with his final preparations in Madrid since Friday.

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12.05.2009 | 21:56
congratulations rogiiii for ur match against soderling,hope u play better next match
12.05.2009 | 21:56
It is 9:0 head-to-head for you, Roger, now. Congratulations!
12.05.2009 | 21:44
Well I will definitely check out that website tomorrow. The quality is pretty poor however so I might still buy the TennisTV.com pass. It's so much better.
12.05.2009 | 21:38
If you saw a glimpse of Roger's, they probably were showing it... damn, when I tried they weren't showing anything! Maybe next time...
12.05.2009 | 21:38
Good win Roger!!!
12.05.2009 | 21:36
Dear Roger,

Your first win in Madrid. And another ace at the end. Great. Remember, one match at a time.
Thanks for your smile and wave.
Good luck in next round.

All the best
12.05.2009 | 21:34
Hello Champ!!! You played FAB tonight against Soderling, well done, congratulations and keep your WINNING SPIRIT ON at all times, play every shot as it was the first, full of energy and motivation.
I really like when you give a wave every time you sign t
12.05.2009 | 21:34
I just caught a glimpse of Roger on the second link of http://www.fromsport.com/ before they took it off the air so I think it was showing there, darn it I missed it - so we may be able to watch his next match tomorrow..
12.05.2009 | 21:33
Congrats Champ,
Good luck against J.blake.
12.05.2009 | 21:29
That link you posted wasn´t showing Roger, I tried it...