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Gerry Weber Open, Halle

09.06.2009 | Tennis

Dear fans


I am sorry to announce that I have decided to withdraw from this week's Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany.


I sincerely apologize to the tournament organizers, my competitors, and my fans in Germany. I only hope they will understand that I still feel emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted by the incredible events of the past few days. It is hard for me to admit, but I simply cannot imagine giving my best effort in another tournament right away and I don't want to risk injury if I am not 100% prepared. I need to rest and recuperate.


I look forward to returning to Halle in 2010 to go for my sixth title. It is one of my favorite events on the ATP World Tour.


I also want to thank all of you for your unbelievable support these past two weeks. You are the best, and you helped me make a dream come true.



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18.06.2009 | 15:36
What a great decision, Roger!
Good luck in London!

Lots of Love
18.06.2009 | 04:23
17.06.2009 | 19:31
roger never mind we are waitin for u at wimby good luck brother
17.06.2009 | 19:06
its a good move for u now roger.. but we miss u there.. Come with a big bang for the Wimbledon.. all the very best
17.06.2009 | 18:34
sabia decisión. aún por el dolor d elos fans alemanes. Mucha concentración, que opbtendrás tu 6º Wimbledón y nuevamente reinarás en el top.
17.06.2009 | 18:15
U had a fantastic win at Roland Garros! Keep it up Roger and go on to wrest the Wimbledon crown back from Nadal. It is rightfully yours. Please treat Nadal as just another player to be defeated. I'm waiting and will be watching u anxiously when u play at
17.06.2009 | 18:11
Its a gud decision fedex...
nd we ll support u....
just take rest nd Take Care.....
17.06.2009 | 12:23
Have a good rest Roger and we will see you in Wimbledon. Have your health at 100% and take back the crown that belongs to you. Good Luck.
17.06.2009 | 11:22
Hi Sir
We understand and respect ur emotions
and congrats for grand win @ rolland Garros
Keep the same form and spirit @ England Wimbeldon u will win over their also for 6 th time
17.06.2009 | 11:02

We right behind you
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