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Gerry Weber Open, Halle

09.06.2009 | Tennis

Dear fans


I am sorry to announce that I have decided to withdraw from this week's Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany.


I sincerely apologize to the tournament organizers, my competitors, and my fans in Germany. I only hope they will understand that I still feel emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted by the incredible events of the past few days. It is hard for me to admit, but I simply cannot imagine giving my best effort in another tournament right away and I don't want to risk injury if I am not 100% prepared. I need to rest and recuperate.


I look forward to returning to Halle in 2010 to go for my sixth title. It is one of my favorite events on the ATP World Tour.


I also want to thank all of you for your unbelievable support these past two weeks. You are the best, and you helped me make a dream come true.



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14.06.2009 | 19:36
It´s ok Roger prepare for the six title at wimbledon nº1
14.06.2009 | 17:35
Hey Roger

Murray won queens today and as a british guy here all they have been going on about is Murray going on to win wimbledon and not give you or rafa any credit. I find it very very annoying and hope you or rafa can beat him to shut up our media
14.06.2009 | 17:25
get rested and ready for Wimbledon
14.06.2009 | 16:33
No matter what decision you make, I will always support you. I understand you, Wish you a good rest, adjusting the state of good health.Look forward to your brilliant performance in the Wimbledon! Roger, Come on!
14.06.2009 | 16:27
good decision roger u need to recover urself . so therefore u can show us what u got man!!!
14.06.2009 | 16:08
Hi, everybody...
After a few days out (mini-holidays):), and a good rest from tennis after that exhausted last week of RG, uf!, here I am, ready for the emotions of Wimbledon! I'll take a look at your posts, hope that the german fans have gone over the f
14.06.2009 | 15:54
its ok Roger.......
you are the ALL TIME BEST and you have proven that.....
now take some rest.......
14.06.2009 | 14:43
I knew you could do it...and now I just wanna be a bee, to fly to London and supporting you from the very fisrt day of the tournament!
GO ON RF, You deserve still a lot of success!!!

14.06.2009 | 13:59
All the best for Wimbledon.
And thanks for all those nice words.
14.06.2009 | 13:49
right decision roger!!!!! have fun, waiting to c u at Wimbledon.........