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Roger breezes through opener

22.06.2009 | Tennis

Roger began his campaign to regain his Wimbledon crown with a solid victory in the opening match today, defeating Lu Yen-hsun of Chinese Taipei 7-5, 6-3, 6-2.


Our champ once again entered the court in a stylish outfit. This year, he went for a military-style jacket, which he stripped off to reveal a silk waistcoat worn over his more conventional tennis clothes.


Roger said: "It might look easy, but it is not. The first round is a lot different to say rounds two, three and four. You want to get off to a good start, get it out of the way and find your way into a tournament. Once you're in it, things seem a lot easier because your mind is in the tournament. But it is not easy, and Lu showed that today. It was a tough first set, and he remained tough throughout the game and that was good for me."


His first serve percentage was good, he kept unforced errors almost to a bare minimum when compared with his winners. All in all, Roger gave an allround performance today, which could in fact be taken as just a practice match for the next few days to come and which should get even better in the next set of matches to follow.


Roger will meet Guillermo Garcia-Lopez (ATP 50) in the next round.

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24.06.2009 | 17:18
roger is serving his first game second set and it is advantage Roger
24.06.2009 | 17:18
darn Roger hit it out again and it is deuce again
24.06.2009 | 17:15
thank you guys. you are great
24.06.2009 | 17:14
stay calmed down Roger, beauty play with very many beautiful shots, stay calmed down the break chance'll come in this set too!!!!
24.06.2009 | 17:14
i'm travelling right now, tell me what's going at the court
24.06.2009 | 17:09
Let's keep it going, Rogie. Don't give him a whiff!
24.06.2009 | 17:08
Haradika, Roger has just won the first set 6-2. The match is on right now ok.
24.06.2009 | 17:08
correction Roger just won the first set! GO ROGER!!!! Win it in straight sets!!
24.06.2009 | 17:08
That was classic Roger. 6-2!
24.06.2009 | 17:07
it's on right now! The score is 5-2 Federer ahead and serving at 30-30.