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Roger on facebook

08.07.2009 | Off Court

Visit Roger on facebook with the terrific new feature and check out more about Roger even faster!

<iframe style="BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; WIDTH: 400px; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; HEIGHT: 550px" src="http://www.facebook.com/connect/connect.php?id=64760994940&amp;connections=8&amp;stream=1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="allowtransparency"></iframe>

Roger Federer on Facebook

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13.07.2009 | 22:36
Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13.07.2009 | 21:30
****federerworshiper, who cares really?

let's Nadal be the sexiest man on court and
let's Roger be the best player ever
13.07.2009 | 20:24
You're the best player.
13.07.2009 | 17:36
Dear Fed Fans:

There is a "TEEN CHOICE 2009", All time sexiest top 10 tennis player.. You gotta vote for Roger because he's got 18% while Nadal is at 36%, quite ridiculous right?? So hurry and vote.. NOOOOOOOOOOOW...:) :) :)

13.07.2009 | 12:57
It's my first comment !
really happy,but the wire speed of mine is so slow that I can't see the feature!
13.07.2009 | 09:40
Dearest Federer san,
What a great interview. You looked so happy and relaxed and happy. Best to you in the coming hard court season. May your God be with you as always.
13.07.2009 | 07:45
13.07.2009 | 07:11
You are going to tell us when Little RO comes, don't you? I'm waiting for that news.......
12.07.2009 | 23:47
I couldn't have been happier to see you break the grand slam record...I wasn't surprised, though, I always believe you will win! Oh, and Mirka's desire to have your child see his father play tennis...beautiful!! I couldn't agree with her more.
12.07.2009 | 19:07
wow youre both RF!!
its very cool interview..

its quite now,fans go back to their ordinary life cant wait to see you in action again on US OPEN....

hope another sweet 16th GS!!!

preparing the FATHERHOOD now???godbless mirka and your baby