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Roger on facebook

08.07.2009 | Off Court

Visit Roger on facebook with the terrific new feature and check out more about Roger even faster!

<iframe style="BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; WIDTH: 400px; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; HEIGHT: 550px" src="http://www.facebook.com/connect/connect.php?id=64760994940&amp;connections=8&amp;stream=1" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="allowtransparency"></iframe>

Roger Federer on Facebook

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12.07.2009 | 18:56
its wonderful to have roger on facebook. Have a great time
12.07.2009 | 17:05
I'm already a fan!!!!!
12.07.2009 | 16:59
How are you my hero,congratulations again for your wonderful achievements this last few weeks,you are truly amazing and deserves everything that you have,take care,missing you already.
12.07.2009 | 16:44
I am glad to have what can listen to your voice.
12.07.2009 | 16:19
Thank you for the messages and especially the videos on your FB, they are priceless.. you are spoiling us Roger.

12.07.2009 | 09:39
Register, people!Make a 300,000 before US OPEN!
12.07.2009 | 09:03
i m in ur fan list too its really great that u update us n thanku for entertaining us love u forever.
12.07.2009 | 05:27
Thanks for your words in the video about the fans support. You deserve it because you left everything in each game. Go on!! The future is yours.
12.07.2009 | 04:57
Roger, keep that serve going and the rest will follow. I'm so excited to live in the era of Federer. Make sure you win the Indian Wells tournament next year because I'm tired of buying tickets to see others. I want to see the master.

Go Federer!!!!!
12.07.2009 | 02:28
I was a fan before I knew if was really you. Go rog!