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Roger to play 3 matches vs Italy in Davis Cup

17.09.2009 | Tennis

Roger will be in action each day as Switzerland faces Italy in the Davis Cup playoffs in Genoa. Teaming up with our champ are Stanislas Wawrinka, Michael Lammer and Marco Chiudinelli. Stan will open the rubber against Andreas Seppi on Friday. Having arrived yesterday, Roger will play his first match against Simone Bolelli after that. The two Swiss Olympic champions - Roger and Stan - will then challenge Fabio Fognini  and Potito Starace tomorrow, before Roger is scheduled to play Andreas Seppi on Sunday followed by the last match between Simone Bolelli and Stanislas Wawrinka.



Schedule of play:



Andreas Seppi vs. Stanislas Wawrinka

Simone Bolelli vs. Roger



Fabio Fognini / Potito Starace vs. Roger / Stanislas Wawrinka



Andreas Seppi vs. Roger

Simone Bolelli vs. Stanislas Wawrinka

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18.09.2009 | 04:28
Buena suerte Roger.


18.09.2009 | 04:21
Good Luck Roger and the gang!!!!!!!!

Hope it'll be a good Swiss outing!!!!

God bless you all!!!!!

Cheers always!!!!

18.09.2009 | 04:17
Wow You must be tired,
but it's sooo nice for the Swiss team.
Go Roger for your country ans your colleague!
18.09.2009 | 04:06
I guess I should say it's good to see you in action again, so soon, when I thought you'd be taking a break from "serious" tennis.

Good luck to you and the Swiss Davis Cup team.


Hopefully, "Jerk" Garner (as another Rogerholic name
18.09.2009 | 04:02
Go Go Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are the best!
it just makes me so happy when I see you play tennis. it is an unbelievable feeling , thank you for this gift!
good luck!
cheers from a greek that lives in the US
18.09.2009 | 04:00
Know you're glad to be home again. Thanks again for playing phenomenal tennis in the United States. I loved watching your matches, but was very disappointed you did not win your 16th GS, but you will.

Good luck with the the Davis Cup competition.

18.09.2009 | 03:56
Hi Roger,
Good Luck. go Roger
18.09.2009 | 03:54

Super Fans,
18.09.2009 | 03:48
Good luck! Roger
I hope you'll win
Best of luck for U and swiss team
18.09.2009 | 03:43
Ha, Roger

I'm so glad to see you to play Davis Cup. It's so helpful for Switzerland.
Good luck , Roger and Swiss team.