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Roger vs. Djokovic in Basel final

07.11.2009 | Tennis

Sunday's final at the Swiss Indoors in Basel will be disputed between the two top-seeds: Roger and Novak Djokovic.


Roger brought home a 7-6 (7), 6-3 victory in the semis today, defeating his long-time friend Marco Chiudinelli from Switzerland. Roger had to battle during a few phases of the match; Chiudinelli even saw an excellent opportunity to win the first set. But our champ had the perfect weapon once again in the most critical moment, whacking a perfect backhand past Chiudinelli who had approached the net.


Roger will play Novak Djokovic in tomorrow's final. Roger leads the head-to-head 9:4.

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08.11.2009 | 20:47
not for only one [ ONE ] match federer lost today we fell disappointed ... remember that
federer is the best in this year after he was
really smashed in 2008 season .
be cheering fans ... roger will be back in the next like abeast .. i'm sure ..
08.11.2009 | 20:38
modesti------------------p 24

enough .... ok???

08.11.2009 | 20:38
modesti------------------p 24

enough .... ok???

08.11.2009 | 20:29
You know what is the difference between Roger and other guys ? Roger is not afraid of losing, he is a fighter, he is a courageous man ! It is much easy to accept defeat when you are in a lower rank then you are on top ! I admire and respect this man for h
08.11.2009 | 20:26
kuetchuek----------------p 24

sorry for my language .... i have to say that
i'm wrong .... but this returnoftheking
must notice that all federer's fans right now
are disappointed and he increase this with
silly posts ...
08.11.2009 | 20:24
Some fans are notice that you skin, yes, you look skin. If you tired or you don feeling well dont play in Paris or London, or both, like Nada last year, and rest well for 2010. You defend lot of points.
08.11.2009 | 20:14
As usual, critizism and insulting words threw in whenever Roger lost ! It is nothing to be ashame of to lose, and even lost in his home town !

We expect Roger like robot to win every match, every tournament, I know it is disappointed to see him lose, b
08.11.2009 | 20:14
Ah, Roger!
What revenge for his defeat in NY! Now is 9-5 for you, but 3-1 for Djokovic this year, but he is not the only guy who beat you in your hometown, so what. You lost two final in row, and again 2-6 in the final set. This year you play up and dow
08.11.2009 | 20:13
I'm disappointed with your over-reaction, you who always ask to ignore "him", and with your language level.
Come on, remember this is RF's HOME !
08.11.2009 | 20:12
***1000aces p.24****
You are right, I completely agree with you! Is there any hope fot the rest of the season if our Roger looks so helpless!!!!! He coudn't make a good point!!!!!!!!! Maybe, the next week brings something better, with God's help!!!!!!
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