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Roger vs. Djokovic in Basel final

07.11.2009 | Tennis

Sunday's final at the Swiss Indoors in Basel will be disputed between the two top-seeds: Roger and Novak Djokovic.


Roger brought home a 7-6 (7), 6-3 victory in the semis today, defeating his long-time friend Marco Chiudinelli from Switzerland. Roger had to battle during a few phases of the match; Chiudinelli even saw an excellent opportunity to win the first set. But our champ had the perfect weapon once again in the most critical moment, whacking a perfect backhand past Chiudinelli who had approached the net.


Roger will play Novak Djokovic in tomorrow's final. Roger leads the head-to-head 9:4.

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08.11.2009 | 20:09

It’s not such a bitter pill to swallow, since we are realistic and understand about tennis. Only one can win, and nobody can ever say who, till the last point is played.
Since RF won in his hometown 3 times in a row, he and we are
08.11.2009 | 20:04
hey roger

i'm really angry... too disapointed... i don't
want any one to be on u even for amoment
especially this djoko....

regain ur spirit and ur game again and go for
the next with the real federer
08.11.2009 | 19:55
It's alright Roger---we still love and support you :)
You are and always will be our champ! I hope you recover quickly and wish you peace and luck in your next matches.
08.11.2009 | 19:47
Dear Roger,
Don't worry about this defeat. I understand was very
important to you win at home but please don't feel
dissapointment you were nervous and today wasn't your
I want let you know I believe in you and I trust you can
do better than
08.11.2009 | 19:47
well roger never mind..winning and losing is just a part of the game..this year has been brilliant..marriage twin daughters, twin grand slams and twin master series..you couldn't win in basel.tht doesn't mean they r not proud of u..u have already made the
08.11.2009 | 19:47
Lieve Roger,
Jammer voor u in Basel,toch bent en blijf u
en dat is het voornaamste. Lieve groetjes...Mieke
08.11.2009 | 19:44
I'm one of your biggest fans ever.
08.11.2009 | 19:43
1000aces, returnoftheking,
u should both be ashamed of urselves, and 1000aces, those r not words to be used by our nation, that's a disgrace
08.11.2009 | 19:43
Fed, we are with you, try your best at Paris and London, best of luck!
08.11.2009 | 19:41
Hey Fed, it's ok! Kick Djoko's butt next time.