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How well do you know Roger and Wilson?

17.11.2009 | Off Court

Play Wilson’s Roger Federer NEXT Game.


Answer nine questions about Roger correctly to catch a glimpse of Roger’s 2010 Wilson racket! Just follow the link below.



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25.11.2009 | 14:37
beautiful racket rog , now i have to change mine too.Best of luck with it
25.11.2009 | 02:44
I just love the way you use the racket for your back hand strokes!!

Good Luck in London
23.11.2009 | 13:04
Fun game to play, Roger! I loved the way each answer showed a little more of you and your fabulous new racket. May it give you the feel and sureness of touch to make you play freely and smoothly as only you can.
22.11.2009 | 01:05
Awesome raquet Roger!! I am sure that it will help you in setting even more winners!!

Anto e Marco
21.11.2009 | 21:45
il ya un erreur dqbs le site n'est ce pas
21.11.2009 | 20:16
21.11.2009 | 17:35
Dear Roger,

What a great game - it was certainly fun. Your new racket looks lovely and good luck with it. Take care.

Love From Christinexx
21.11.2009 | 13:51
It just feels good, When you are using that, Ofcourse!!!
best wishes 4 you in london.
21.11.2009 | 13:25
Hey Rog,

Great game!!

Your 2010 racket looks amazing!!

May it bring you all the luck in the world!!

All the best for London!!

Take care champ,

All my love & support always,

Sazio xXxXx
21.11.2009 | 11:11
It's a nice racquet, Roger! Excited...