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How well do you know Roger and Wilson?

17.11.2009 | Off Court

Play Wilson’s Roger Federer NEXT Game.


Answer nine questions about Roger correctly to catch a glimpse of Roger’s 2010 Wilson racket! Just follow the link below.



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18.11.2009 | 01:22
The Wilson NEXT game is really fun. I had to play it a couple of times to get all the answers right but I didn't realize I knew so many things about Roger. Ha. Try it. It is great fun!
18.11.2009 | 01:14
Go Roger!!!

You can win the next tournament!!!

We love you!!!

Nice racket!!!

18.11.2009 | 01:11
Roger you are the best tennis player ever all world knows that but some wont tell you that coz they are fans of rafa or nole or murray but for me you are and you will be the greatest tennis player in all history of tennis for me...i wish you all the best
18.11.2009 | 00:57
The new racket looks great Roger. Hopefully it will help your game(like you need any)!I love watching you play. God bless in London!
17.11.2009 | 23:57
All the Best.
I love you boo
17.11.2009 | 23:03
good luck roger come on please do your best in london you need some points to stay first there you belong.kisses.
17.11.2009 | 22:02
what a gorgeous racket!!!!
17.11.2009 | 22:02
Dear Roger,

Very cool game! Good luck with this racket but first, good luck in London and I'll be cheering for you as always! :)

Your biggest fan,

17.11.2009 | 21:22
the new look federer


good luck in london
17.11.2009 | 21:05
Thats a hot racket!!!