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Roger opens season in Abu Dhabi

01.01.2010 | Tennis

Roger opened his 2010 season in Abu Dhabi today. He was beaten in three sets by Swede Robin Söderling (ATP 8) at the high-profile exhibition tournament: 7-6(6), 6-7(1), 2-6.


Roger commented: "Obviously it's hard to start playing against him but I had fun." He will be playing his first ATP tournament next week in Doha.


This week, Roger also announced that he will skip Switzerland’s Davis Cup first round in Spain in March.

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02.01.2010 | 13:31

nice win. Beautiful play. GREAT.

Have a nice day,

02.01.2010 | 13:21
amazing with uncountable many awesome shots.beautiful play Roger.powerfully beautiful.congratulate,amazing.
02.01.2010 | 12:56
these winners and points,shots which he s doing.not just exact but the.way,fastness or.speed which the ball leaves his hands,racket with is.unreal.unreal fast.
02.01.2010 | 12:49
Dear Roger
It's nice to see you playing. But not losing, even the exbo match!! If you don't care about the result, most of us, your devoted fans, do!! Come on, please, stop treating these matches as the trainings, do your best to win, if you can. And I'
02.01.2010 | 12:42
Happy New Year Champion!
It's ok that you didn't win. Just a warm up for you!
You look so sweet in that baby blue Nike shirt. Good taste!
All the best in Doha!
02.01.2010 | 12:32
Win or lose Roger you're still the GOAT !!!!!!

Happy New Year

Loads of Love
Christine xxxxxxxxx
02.01.2010 | 12:32
What's happening so far in this second meaningless exhibition match, just for curiousity sake, anyone?
The result means nothing either way.
Just for fun in exhibitions.
Thank You.
02.01.2010 | 12:28
Just like yesterday's Federer performance and result, today's means nothing either no matter what happens.
Officially Federer's ATP season starts in Doha, Qatar next week and especially the 18th in Australia, with the Australian Open meaning much more o
02.01.2010 | 12:28
very strict,tough tennis which Roger s playing now.too strong with amazing powerful shots.
02.01.2010 | 12:27
The main thing roger at this point is the Australian Open

Happy New Year from INDIA