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Haiti fundraising a great success

17.01.2010 | Off Court

The charity-match that Roger initiated has turned out to be a great success! A total of 15'000 tickets for seats in the stadium were sold (full house), about 5'000 more visitors came to see the action on the screens on the compound, which normally stays closed on Sundays.


The athletes played a doubles competition in two teams:

Team Federer: Roger, Serena Williams, Lleyton Hewitt, Samantha Stosur.

Team Nadal: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters.


Roger's team was eventually defeated 6-7 in the show-match. All in all, the stars were able to generate about 200'000 Dollars with the event. The money will be donated to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

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22.02.2010 | 07:36
Although I didn't watch this match but I've heard it was the great one. It helped the people in Haiti. I'm very very very happy about it.
Like I said, Great job ! :)
01.02.2010 | 04:50
Merci Roger pour ta generosite envers mon pays. J'ai toujours ete une de tes fans les plus fideles; maintenant plus que jamais je te garderai une place dans mon coeur. Tu es un vrai champion au grand coeur. Bonne chance pour le reste de la saison et que D
01.02.2010 | 03:19
Great job Roger! Things like these are the reason why you're so beloved all over the world :)
01.02.2010 | 02:22
Congrats on the success of Hits for Haiti! It was laugh-out-loud funny! Loved the point where Roger mocked Rafa's grunt and then hit the ball at a sitting Djoker :D
31.01.2010 | 21:59
You have a great heart!!!! but everybody knows it....
31.01.2010 | 21:59
You have a great heart!!!! but everybody knows it....
31.01.2010 | 19:44
Cograts................! on winning well deserved australian open.
From all PAKISTANI fans
31.01.2010 | 19:34
That is lovely event, and of course, great success.
But I was not able to see the match, and I am very sorry.
I hope that will be another event like this, many people need help.
31.01.2010 | 17:10
Roger, you are an angel! And your team must do a lot to support you! And thanks for all participants, you set a good model to people.
31.01.2010 | 15:00
Nice detail for everybody
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