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Haiti fundraising a great success

17.01.2010 | Off Court

The charity-match that Roger initiated has turned out to be a great success! A total of 15'000 tickets for seats in the stadium were sold (full house), about 5'000 more visitors came to see the action on the screens on the compound, which normally stays closed on Sundays.


The athletes played a doubles competition in two teams:

Team Federer: Roger, Serena Williams, Lleyton Hewitt, Samantha Stosur.

Team Nadal: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters.


Roger's team was eventually defeated 6-7 in the show-match. All in all, the stars were able to generate about 200'000 Dollars with the event. The money will be donated to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

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22.01.2010 | 21:08
God bless you for all that you do.. You have been blessed with an incredible talent in tennis and I am happy to see that you put it to good use. Good luck with the Australian Open.. I know you can do it:)
22.01.2010 | 16:28
Aww such a lovely idea Roger!!

I'm glad you all had a great day!!

All the best for A0 2010,

Sazio xXxXx
22.01.2010 | 10:17
Success is not just difined by prizes and recogniton received but also and largely by the giving of self to others. Nice one Roger and the other players for assisting in ameliorating the impact of the earthquake in Haiti on the survivors. God Bless
22.01.2010 | 07:05
Thank you so much Roger!!
21.01.2010 | 18:46
Please make a DVD with the whole thing and maybe the players' reactions.People would pay good money for that and the Haitians would have more relief coming their way!
21.01.2010 | 17:04
21.01.2010 | 16:22
This is very nice of you. Keep on doing good things to help those who need help and more good things will happen to you.
21.01.2010 | 15:20
nice roger..i want to see you win more grand slams..take care always
21.01.2010 | 14:53
I've always sayed that you are the BEST athleate I've ever seen,
Not only your playing, but also your behaviors and treatments in diffrent occasions,
Com'oon ROGER
keep on the good jub...
21.01.2010 | 14:47
It's very kind of Roger to intiated the match!!~~~