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Roger survives first round scare

19.01.2010 | Tennis

Roger played Igor Andreev (ATP 36) on the second day of the Australian Open. He had to work hard in a match lasting 164 minutes in order to defeat the Russian 4-6, 6-2, 7-6(2), 6-0.


"I just hoped that I was going to hang in there. He was a wonderful player and it was tough. It was a fortunate third set for me today, but all in all I'm very happy with my performance," Roger said after the match. He has never been eliminated in the first round in his eleven appearances at Melbourne Park and was thus clearly relieved.


Roger started well, controlling the first set at first, but with Andreev's powerful returns then had to admit a break and dropped the first set. He won the second set in Roger-like, efficient manner - but the third was one big battle. Facing break point, Roger hit a misjudged drop shot, but Andreev, with the court open, played long. Roger then served for the set, but won only one point, then served to stay in the set and won just two points. Everything was wide open for Andreev - who then went on to miss the chances given. In the tie-breaker, at last, normal service resumed, with our champ taking it home easily. The last set was one last race by Roger, making everything clear after the somewhat scary intermezzo.


Roger will meet the winner of the match between Chile's Juan Ignacio Chela and Romania's Victor Hanescu in the second round on Thursday.

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21.01.2010 | 13:11
You have gotten off to a very good start at the Australian Open. I know your first match was a tough one but your match against Hanescu was awesome. Your fluid motion was wonderful to watch.

Continued success as you progress through the program
21.01.2010 | 12:07
Hi Roger,
Congratulations on your first round win, also second round. Everybody looks good so it will be a hard one. You still have the best game so do not listen to detractors, they are just jealous.
I just hope you are as hungry as you were when yo
21.01.2010 | 12:07
Congrats Roger by going to 3rd round u hve to work hard to win this tournment u hve done better in this match good luck for ur next match u hve committed less unforced error that is good sign take care best of luck
21.01.2010 | 11:59
Lastly Love the little welcome to the New up comin King lol it sound hilarious just the way u said it coz u weren't prepare for any speech welcome.
21.01.2010 | 11:49
Hey Roger.

Great performence, lovely foot work, bone crashin forehands , babe your forehand is right where it should be. I love the slice backhand you started to use at tale end of the match coz its good that you'r experimentin now so later in the tou
21.01.2010 | 11:30
21.01.2010 | 11:26
ROGER! THAT WAS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! hahaha and your intro of the prince was really cuteeeee and funny!!!! LOL! :):) ALL THE BEST!!! you getting ur 16th grand slam would be a peRFect end to this open! :) GOD BLESS!

grace (Singapore!)
21.01.2010 | 11:12
Good fighting spirit!
21.01.2010 | 11:12
Glad Roger won today!
I couldn't see much of it, as when I left home to work Roger was winning 4-1 1st set... when I got at work took a look and 3rt set was just starting... Looked to me Roger played that set very well, so I hope things go that way next
21.01.2010 | 11:09
Outstanding match roger!!
U were amazing... Stats were fantastic...
U looked so comfortable nd relaxed, it was perfect!
The on court interview was so funny lol
All the very best for round 3... I KNW u'll win again!

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