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04.02.2010 | Off Court

Austria's postal services issues a stamp honouring Roger as the world's best tennis player.


The 65-centime stamp shows Roger winning the French Open 2009 (the photo was taken by Paul Zimmer), accompanied by the text "Best Tennis Player of the World". It has been designed by renowned Austrian stamp artist Renate Gruber.


This limited edition of only 300,000 stamps will be available on February 8th, 2010. The timing could not have been better after Roger's triumph in Australia, winning his 16th Grand-Slam title.


Further honouring Roger, the Austrian Postal Service is launching a silver edition, too. The «Roger Federer-Numiphilum Collection» has a size of 20x26 mm and is 0.1 mm thick. This special edition costs 15.99 Euros, only 2,000 of the stamps are available at selected shops of the Austrian Postal Service.


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12.02.2010 | 18:46
ROOOOOOO HELLO MY SUN, CONGRATULATIONS Well deserved. You are spending a fun-filled holiday with your beautiful family '? BUENO TE MANDO BESOS FOR THE FOUR AND WAITING see you soon, I LOVE YOU. ROSI DE ARGENTINA
12.02.2010 | 16:26
So much love for you Fedex. You have earned every bit of it. Congrats.
12.02.2010 | 14:05
Roger, I have already ordered 50 pieces and another 2 pieces of silver. Hope they'll mail them to me as soon as possible.
12.02.2010 | 11:14
Hi to all Roger Fans,
Go to Roger FaceBook Page, Rog send a message , and he carry on his beautiful Stamp,
by the way the Red Sweter is so beautiful on him , I tjink he celebrate in Valantain Day ...........
See You Soon Rog ............
12.02.2010 | 08:56
congrats rogi........
12.02.2010 | 06:49
roger must have read my mind. i'm sure he didn't read my post here on this page. i asked to hear from him, he did put a statement on facebook. we all wish him safe travel to ethiopia to check on his foundation project. also he is holding a copy of the sta
12.02.2010 | 05:12
I just watch youtube Arabic commentator who loves Roger Federer. It was so funny. I hope you watch it too Federer san. You played very well.
12.02.2010 | 03:10
You deserve everything!!!!!
12.02.2010 | 00:51
Now you will compete vs. athletes like Usain Bolt, Kenesia Bekele, Alberto Contador, Lionel Messi and Valentino Rossi. You can beat them, you've got a lot of experience, you'll stay calm during the tie break and eventually you will get for the 5th time th
12.02.2010 | 00:18
we miss u rog

and we're waiting u in Dubai open champ!

i ask God to protect u

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