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Roger receives first stamp

12.02.2010 | Off Court

Roger was handed the first official copy of the Austrian special edition stamp. He received it from representatives of the Austrian Post in Zurich. The stamp pictures Roger on his way to winning the French Open 2009.


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14.02.2010 | 17:21
faaaaaaaaaaannnnnssssss :)

here is aus open 2010 final full match


enjoy !!! :)
14.02.2010 | 16:37
U RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14.02.2010 | 11:13
14.02.2010 | 08:01
way to go roger!
14.02.2010 | 02:28
Congratulations Roger. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure your family is very proud of you as well. I always follow your games, if not televised at least in the internet for news update . can't wait to see you in action @ Indian Wells. Take care-this goes to
13.02.2010 | 22:41
MODERATOR, PLEASE, this is my second request to please delete the insulting comment on page 2 by **leleka**. Thank you.
13.02.2010 | 20:42
It's quite an honour!
Wish you all the best!
13.02.2010 | 19:32
13.02.2010 | 17:22
Roger you and the stamp are really looking great and cool and I'm very happy to see the stamp also and you truly deserve this honour also and I know your family and every fan will be happy to see this stamp also

From your die heart fan
13.02.2010 | 16:15
Only fitting, Roger! Congratulations for an honour amply earned and deserved.
Now, I am waiting for a special edition coin: silver or gold.
It is good to receive acknowledgment for your achievements.
I said a year-two years ago that you were on a