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Roger receives first stamp

12.02.2010 | Off Court

Roger was handed the first official copy of the Austrian special edition stamp. He received it from representatives of the Austrian Post in Zurich. The stamp pictures Roger on his way to winning the French Open 2009.


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13.02.2010 | 01:54
13.02.2010 | 01:03
Congratulations Roger. You are the best.

13.02.2010 | 00:34
Dear Roger
I'm happy you've got YOUR stamp. I guess I'm getting mine (yours!) very soon, unfortunately I'm leaving tomorrow and will come back from holidays in 3 weeks. So I'll have to wait a longer time than supposed to have your Austrian stamps between
13.02.2010 | 00:23

go to the previous Off-Court-News "An Austrian Stamp for Roger" and you'll find the link to the Austrian Post Services where you can order the stamps on-line.

13.02.2010 | 00:16
Congratulations ! Words are not adequate to express how proud I am to be one of your loving fans...You are so deserving...
I hope that the accolades continue to come your way throughout this new year.

Love you always. jenni

p.s. Does anyone know ho
13.02.2010 | 00:01
congrats roger!
you deserve all the praise and honours ur getting!
ur the best of the best!
hope ur having a great time... all the best roger!
we love you!
12.02.2010 | 23:54
fedex you are the best, my brother is a big fan of you, can you send him your rf sweater my kind regards. djole alcatraz
12.02.2010 | 23:48
well done champ
12.02.2010 | 23:42
congratulations again my dear.......
I'm so happy 4 u, I guess many countries will make a special stamp 4 u.

love you,
12.02.2010 | 23:41
Dear Roger: CONGRATULATIONS. You are the the best and everything makes me happy. I hoppe your family is very happy, kisses for all of you. Best Regards from Argentina, Betty