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Roger receives first stamp

12.02.2010 | Off Court

Roger was handed the first official copy of the Austrian special edition stamp. He received it from representatives of the Austrian Post in Zurich. The stamp pictures Roger on his way to winning the French Open 2009.


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12.02.2010 | 23:35
What an honor for you and for all your fans around the world my champion!... congratulations... go for more my dear Roger, so proud of you!

Have all my admiration, respect and love!
12.02.2010 | 23:34
congrats :)

hope u more and more success our champ

go on rog

go on champ
12.02.2010 | 23:29
nossa faz alguma coisa de util inveis de fazer merda filho da puta
12.02.2010 | 23:09
awesome you desirve more sweeety
12.02.2010 | 23:08
Congratulations!! Rogi.Could u please send it to me.
12.02.2010 | 23:02
Congrats, Roger! I want one!
12.02.2010 | 22:40
Congrats Roger, you deserve everything they come up with to honor you... Your accomplishments are far too impressive not to be worthy of the attention of the whole world.

You are the best ambassador tennis can have :)

Your Chiquis from Latin Americ
12.02.2010 | 22:40
thats very COOL roger!!
ill start collecting stamps now !!!
missing you fondly...
godbless your family,health and career

12.02.2010 | 22:38
bravo maestro, tu le mérites!
12.02.2010 | 22:36
congratulations Roger!

you're the best! (:

The chiquis...