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The 2010 Time 100 Poll

13.04.2010 | Off Court

Time Magazine is currently running their yearly poll for the "world's most influential people in 2010" and Roger is one of the 200 people you can cast your vote for! Simply follow the link below and choose your favourites.


Time Magazine will announce the winner list on 29 April 2010, so watch out for the results.

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24.04.2010 | 13:27
Thank you so much. Absolutely I'll vote for Roger in this fantastic way.
23.04.2010 | 21:11
how to vote 100 votes in ten minuets:
-open a new google chrome browser window
-open 10 tabs and open: "http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1972075_1972078_1972322,00.html" in each of them.
-start voting one tab at a time.
23.04.2010 | 17:48
Dear Roger
I just voted for you again and again...
You must come out within the top ten
If not no 1 !!!
to me you are no1 and always will be...
Best wishes

Love always
23.04.2010 | 16:59
hey dudes you can vote muktiple times just hit F5 after you complete your vote and pressed submit and it thanks you :) just hit F5 for the page to reload and vote again, me personally I'm voting some 100 votes per day! we can do it guys just pick up the p
23.04.2010 | 12:17
For sure Roger, you are my hero!!Zelda, South Africa
22.04.2010 | 17:14
You can vote again and again without deleting cookies, just refresh the page. We've got to keep the person, Lui who is below him from catching up. He has a slightly higher influential rating so can overtake Roger with less votes. Please continue votin
22.04.2010 | 07:52
i voted for you!!!!!!!!!

21.04.2010 | 15:35
there 's no link, can't vote for roger
21.04.2010 | 14:49
I voted for you , Roger
21.04.2010 | 13:20
come on,roger.I believe you will win this title,because you should deserve.you change many people's life.i hope you would come to shanghai china.this year! this is link:http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1972075_1972078_1972322,00.
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