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The 2010 Time 100 Poll

13.04.2010 | Off Court

Time Magazine is currently running their yearly poll for the "world's most influential people in 2010" and Roger is one of the 200 people you can cast your vote for! Simply follow the link below and choose your favourites.


Time Magazine will announce the winner list on 29 April 2010, so watch out for the results.

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17.04.2010 | 15:55
click on the link that said 2010 time poll then look for his nam from the voting poll. Once you got his name click on the number that that mark 53 or 56 to the 100 bar. It will ask you to write a word that will be showing to you. Then type the word and t
17.04.2010 | 14:57
Dear Roger,

I have just voted for you. You deserve this.

Love From Christinexx
17.04.2010 | 12:01
You are really among the most influential people in the world!
For my you're the greatest!!
17.04.2010 | 10:35
tried to vote several times..seem unsuccesful..what shall i do...help!!!!!
17.04.2010 | 06:35
I'm voting
Best wish for you
16.04.2010 | 20:45
Roger must come out in the top 10s...

keep voting !!!
16.04.2010 | 20:16
Best of luck in the poll, Roger!!!I voted!!
16.04.2010 | 19:38
I can't believe what I'm reading. Roger fat .. he was a stick in Miami, I wanted him to put on some weight. and 28, 29, 30 whatever it is we are talking Federelicious years .. forever young years, can't compare it with any other mortal years .. SO THERE .
16.04.2010 | 18:16