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Olympic Museum Lausanne

20.05.2010 | Off Court

Roger has donated a complete outfit from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing to the Olympic Museum. It is now on display there together with other equipment used by successful athletes over the years.


Roger made a huge dream come true in Beijing, winning his first Olympic gold medal in the men's doubles tennis tournament alongside Stanislas Wawrinka.


The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, houses permanent and temporary exhibits relating to sport and the Olympic movement. With more than 10'000 pieces, the museum is the largest archive of Olympic Games in the world and one of Lausanne's prime tourist draws attracting more than 250'000 visitors each year.

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20.05.2010 | 18:20
Congratulations Roger !!!
I'am very happy for you ... Roger !!!
You are the legend ... Roger !!!

From your biggest fan ever :

20.05.2010 | 18:18
Such a nice contribution from a Swiss Olympian!
20.05.2010 | 18:17
wooooow rog go ur the best
we love u........................
20.05.2010 | 18:12
Another great reason to go back to Lausanne!!!
20.05.2010 | 18:09
Wow Roger! ! !
You are the bestttttttttt!!!
20.05.2010 | 18:07
Roger're the best!! Now we return to conquer Paris and Wimbledon.

I love!!
20.05.2010 | 18:06
What a wonderful thing to do, Roger! Congratulations again to you and Stan!
20.05.2010 | 18:06
Wow this is so cool!
I would love to see it one day!

Good luck in the French Open Roger!!
You're gonna do great!
Lots of love x x x
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