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Nike World Cup TV Spot

25.05.2010 | Off Court

A new Nike World Cup TV Spot has been released. It features Nike's stable of superstar footballers like Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney, Fabio Cannavaro, Landon Donovan and Cristiano Ronaldo. The short film is directed by Alejandro Inarritu ("21 Grams" and "Babel") and contains a cameo from Roger. Enjoy!

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03.06.2010 | 13:18
you are the most adorable n cutest man i have ever seen in my life....!!!! =D
03.06.2010 | 13:17
roger look so cute in this add.....!=D
the laughing face ...love it...!!!
03.06.2010 | 00:06
omg i love your part! you were so adorable and handsome..whoever dressed you knows how to make you look good!!
01.06.2010 | 14:30
I thought you were better at ping-pong :P great video
01.06.2010 | 07:47
good luck!!!
31.05.2010 | 04:04
Roger you are so cute(: Perhaps you can consider playing ping-pung after retirement xD Come to China, or here in Hong Kong, we've got great table tennis players!
30.05.2010 | 23:51
vamos roger , ojala y se te de ganar nuevamente el roland garros , te deseo suerte en tu proximo partido , exitos roger .....
30.05.2010 | 10:55
30.05.2010 | 01:46
Alejandro Gonzalez-Iñarritu
29.05.2010 | 18:41
Hahaha!!!! Lovely :)
Good luck
Tripti :)
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