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ITF World Champions Dinner

04.06.2010 | Off Court

Earlier this week, Roger attended the ITF World Champions Dinner at the Pavillon dArmenonville in Paris, despite his elimination in Roland Garros. He appeared in an elegant smoking in the middle of dinner and was treated to a standing ovation by the 400 guests present, thrilled to see our champ.


"I remember coming here in 1999 to receive the trophy as Junior World Champion. I was playing a tournament in Croatia at the time and had to take a bus and the metro in order to collect my prize... Today I just had to be here. It's an honour. And I also wanted to express my respect to Gustavo Kuerten." Gustavo Kuerten was presented the Philippe Chatrier Award as three-time Roland Garros champion.


You can take a look at photos of the event in the photo gallery (photos with kind permission by Paul Zimmer).

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14.06.2010 | 00:49
I'm so glad and privileged to have you Roger...watch you playing is something woderfull, and is one of the best things I have to complete my day :)
I just love you Roger, you're the best!
Brazil - Canada
12.06.2010 | 20:17
Guga said himself on eurosport that it was a great honor and pleasure for him that Roger showed up even though he had lost earlier that day! What a wonderful gesture of Roger's... especially sending his parents in advance. This is 50 % of why I admire and
12.06.2010 | 09:41
congrats dear...
10.06.2010 | 17:02
Try to play like Rafael on clay like watching method he play on video, analyze match statistics, get advice from experts or others and you can win any tour on clay.
09.06.2010 | 16:35
OH Roger! I'm soooo happy to hear this! :) You deserve it Roger,just like you deserve every other award and everything else you have achieved in your career :) I'm so proud of you Champion.And I'm sure both the gals are gonna be proud of their daddy too.S
09.06.2010 | 15:46
awesome...roger...u rule
we love you
09.06.2010 | 04:19
I agree with Astice, Roger play the most beautiful tennis in the world.
09.06.2010 | 02:45
as always a class act. applause, applause, applause many times over for the magnificent streak of 23 semis. thank you for letting us be witness over the years. we knew the streak would end. all streaks do. i don't care what you win from now on. i don't si
08.06.2010 | 13:04
Roger, you are a true Champion true and through, my kids and myself have always admired you. We never missed any of your tournaments even if it would mean staying or waking up in the wee hours of the morning.
08.06.2010 | 09:13
congrats, Roger! that's another award again for you. yeah! cheer up! don't be upset about the RG. you're still the best tennis player in the world. and you are very professional! good luck in Germany...take care and we love you.
God bless...
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