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Lindt commercial

01.09.2010 | Off Court

Check out the new 'airport' TV commercial by Lindt!

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27.09.2010 | 04:02
Hard on the outside and soft inside .... ahh .... I love Roger.
26.09.2010 | 01:53
DELICIOUS - not just the chocolate - ROGER !!!!!!!!

Loads of Love
Christine xxxxxxxxxxxx
25.09.2010 | 22:33
"tennis player"

02.09.2010 | 21:11
02.09.2010 | 19:50
Love Lindt chocolate, love the ads, and love you in them, Roger. They're so funny, and you're so funny in them too. The tone of your 'Scuse me?' and 'Are you kidding me?' - priceless! And I don't know if you're aware just how utterly DDG you are in the
02.09.2010 | 19:43
thats more like moving
02.09.2010 | 19:05
Excellent Video like u
02.09.2010 | 17:41
Go, sweet Roger for your second round match today.
Hope beauty will prevail!

02.09.2010 | 17:13
I am anxious to see you playing today Roger. I know you are enjoying this tournament and that you will win the trophy once again. GO ROGER!!!
02.09.2010 | 17:10
az egyik legaljasabb ember vagy,akit valaha tiszteltem,szerettem.és az egyik leggonoszabb is.mindent elvettél tolem ami még jelentett nekem valamit.képtelen vagyok elhinni,hogy azt amilyen vagy.gyulöllek teljes szivemböl.
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