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Lindt commercial

01.09.2010 | Off Court

Check out the new 'airport' TV commercial by Lindt!

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02.09.2010 | 13:45
Dear Roger
What an idea!!!!!! Fantastic! Thank you for this wonderful commercial! Lindt has not to be inventive too much when they have YOU!
02.09.2010 | 13:44
Roger is all smiles; very cute, so handsome, and all gorgeous!!! The other lady said: "I love you" and I love u too Roger!!!!

Strip check. Not a chance. Though i would love to do that as well,heheeh! Awesome!!!

Very funny ad. Roger and all of his ad
02.09.2010 | 13:34
chocolate balls and a strip search.....who could ask for anything more!!!
02.09.2010 | 13:27
LOL, like it,
02.09.2010 | 13:12
you look so cute .....
02.09.2010 | 12:33
Smooth on the outside, soft on the inside, tasty .... but that's enough about YOU Roger lol - what about the chocolates!! Any security vacancies at the airport because I would like to submit an immediate application - wow!
02.09.2010 | 12:21
Rog the choclate is sweet you are sweeter.
And the sweetest is you holding the US Open cup in your hand to show the real king of tennis.
All the luke for the king.
02.09.2010 | 11:28
Roger is always good!
02.09.2010 | 11:03
Always Cute
Love you

Love from Damascus the most ancient inhabited city in the world

02.09.2010 | 10:50
I wish you sweet win today!!! Ludmila