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Lindt commercial

01.09.2010 | Off Court

Check out the new 'airport' TV commercial by Lindt!

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02.09.2010 | 10:47
I love it Roger...
02.09.2010 | 10:45
Roger, are you kidding us? Do you want to kill us??? You are too much beautiful, and fun, our boy. Thanks. Lindt made a great deal having you with them.
God bless you, Roger.
02.09.2010 | 09:35
I luv this, very cute !!
02.09.2010 | 09:14
oh, ROGER BELLO, que bien en ese comercial.
que hoy todo salga bien, vamos, vamos, con fuerza y garra campeón.
desde Costa Rica te envió todas las fuerzas para que ganes.
02.09.2010 | 08:20
Love the latest Lindt choc ad. Hope you stay as cool in your match against Beck today as you look in this commercial!! All the best for today's match. Lots of love Wendy
02.09.2010 | 08:11
02.09.2010 | 07:58
the best chooses the best.........
02.09.2010 | 07:56
Roger is so lovely as well as the chocolates!
02.09.2010 | 07:45
chocolate is one part but Roger is more sweeter
02.09.2010 | 07:12
Since Lindt already makes chocolate balls, it wouldn't be that hard to emboss a stripe on them to make them look like tennis balls. Then sell a special edition Roger Federer chocolate. Maybe in that new flavour Roger selected.