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27.10.2010 | Foundation

Dear Fans

I am excited to present my revamped website!


I am lucky to have such a great fan following in the 'real' world as well as on the web. We are currently counting over 310'000 members on my website and almost 3.5 million people have visited the site this year. It is thus a pleasure for me to be able to give all of you something in return. We have focused on designing the new site in a classic and clear way – something easy and enjoyable. I am sure you will appreciate the new technology, design and functions and I am already looking forward to reading your feedback.
See you soon

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07.12.2010 | 14:58
Hey Roger, I love the new revamped website. It looks classy and seems to express your style more. I pray that you and your girls haved a very blessed and Merry Christmas. I'm so happy you beat Rafa at the Finals! I can't wait to see you back on court next year. God Bless
02.12.2010 | 12:31
Hy Roger!
You are best tennis pleyer ever and i love you so much!You are the best!
Kisses and hugs!
With love, Adriana
16.11.2010 | 04:56
Hi Roger
It was sad to see you loose against Monfils, but afterall you have to show the world that you are a champion even when you loose. You are such a gentleman.
Good luck in London
Lourdes from Miami
14.11.2010 | 12:42
Hey Roger, Saw the Paris match against Monfils. When he held his serve at 4-1 in the 3rd, I saw a look of worry on your face. I knew something was wrong. Tempo changed and you piled up unforced errors. You played not to lose! Go back to films ..you'll see it. Perhaps you can stop it next time. Up until that point you played llike the Champion that you are! I'm your fav fan...and looking for many more championships in the future!!!!
12.11.2010 | 21:21
dear roger,
english version of ur website is giving a gr8 amount of trouble in loading, and from past few days it was not loading at all, it may be 'coz of more of ur fans using the english version, so plz do tell the people in charge to chk out the problem and solve it.
07.11.2010 | 05:05
http://www.rogerfederer.com/en/fanzone/guestbook.html --> THIS SITE'S ALSO FOR THOSE WHO MAY WANNA WISH OUR IDOL RF GOOD THOUGHTS, LIKE I JUST DID~!!!
07.11.2010 | 04:36
OMIFRIGGINGOSH, my exact sentiment...

He’s the type of guy we like to call the People's Champion. People want to see him win, wish for it badly. His pain is our pain. His joy is our joy. Every time he wins, we feel like we're part of his victory. It’s not that Federer fans are delusional, but it's just that if there is one person who can do this. It’s Roger.
07.11.2010 | 04:34
great website for all to read re FEDERER MOMENTS:


His name became an instant definition of the sport itself. He was a champion unlike we've ever seen before.
07.11.2010 | 04:17

can only REPLY to whoever sending u emails....for some bizarre reasons, one cannot access someone from our past on this site eventho' there's a SEARCH now, like go figure~!!!
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