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27.10.2010 | Foundation

Dear Fans

I am excited to present my revamped website!


I am lucky to have such a great fan following in the 'real' world as well as on the web. We are currently counting over 310'000 members on my website and almost 3.5 million people have visited the site this year. It is thus a pleasure for me to be able to give all of you something in return. We have focused on designing the new site in a classic and clear way – something easy and enjoyable. I am sure you will appreciate the new technology, design and functions and I am already looking forward to reading your feedback.
See you soon

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01.11.2010 | 20:05
Hi guys,

Take a look at this article, it's pretty cool,


Best regards to all.

01.11.2010 | 19:41
A shame that you couldn't win a match ball...well...there was none...poor Dolgopolow who sprained his right ankle just before the eventual end of the match. Keep serving and playing as wonderfully as today!!!
01.11.2010 | 19:33
Congrats rogi for your victory in basel and best of luck for next match keep going champ the trophy is your's
01.11.2010 | 18:40
I still can't get into the site using Internet explorer. It tells me that my username etc...is not accepted ! it is a little disconcerting...but I understand that it takes time to set up a website of this magnitude. In the meantime, I am missing a number of my friends who have not yet used the new site...I assume that they are having the same problem. I am now using Google Chrome, I am grateful that it is working !!! Best of luck dear Roger today...you are in my loving thoughts .jenni
01.11.2010 | 17:04
Very stylish! I like this new design a lot!
01.11.2010 | 16:57
So beautiful ^^
I like it
I have voted for you in atpworldtour.com :x
I hope you will win
Hope to see you soon!
01.11.2010 | 16:34
I already voted for you as my favorite player hehe...I know u will win again, everybody loves you :):)

So happy, soon the match will start :) best of luck champ :D
01.11.2010 | 16:33
It's a very beautiful site and it looks more classic than the original one better.
01.11.2010 | 15:39
Beautiful. But it is a bit heavy. Simple is best :-)
01.11.2010 | 12:49
Hi Rog! Awsome new website design!
But...I liked the fact that the color of thepages used to change during the season (green = grass, orange =clay ecc...) I hope you will keep doing that!

Good luck for today in Basel! ;)