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Awesome ATP Promotion

02.01.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 1
I had a great experience playing on a water court with Rafa today, promoting the 
new ATP season. Enjoy the images in the photo gallery. 
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04.01.2011 | 02:43
Good luck against Schoorel tomorrow. We send our love and luck from all OVER the world.
04.01.2011 | 02:36
Super Cool promoting Tennis ! Good Luck in Doha, 1st round against Schoorel..you can take him for sure..!
04.01.2011 | 02:26
Happy new year Roger.. good luck forever.
04.01.2011 | 02:20
Looks neat. Go Roger!
03.01.2011 | 23:51
Sorry my last post post should have read hittting and not heating a can--goodness me, my apologies
03.01.2011 | 23:49
I wondered the same thing--Roger is a magican who told us last year that they[magicans] do not give their secrets away!!!. Remember heating a can off a person's head??
Roger wishing you all of the very best for your 1st round match--how exciting for Joke [Dutchlady]that a Dutchman is the opponent-- special for you.

Kindest regards
03.01.2011 | 21:56
Great the promotion Roger!!!! All the best in Doha!!!! All the best for 2011 season!!!!
03.01.2011 | 21:15
Hello Roger,

How wonderful to see that finally you will be playing a Dutchman on the Tour again. It has been a while. I hope Thomas can give you a bit of a match (3 weeks ago he has beaten both Robin Haase AND Thiemo de Bakker and is now fresh Dutch Champion). It will be a wonderful experience for Thomas and a chance for him to learn.

I wish you all the very best for your 1st round in Doha.

03.01.2011 | 19:53
it's a geat experience playing on water I know that you injoy it for shure,
I saw the interview that Adel Elshaty make with you and Nadal, and I tell you Rog that I never get geless from no body but yesterday I wish I was Adel and sit with you specialy, and Nadal in the same room that is marveles, Oh my God.
but I wonder who won on that match ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
wish you all the best in this new year and new season wish to win all the matches you play.
Love you forever.
03.01.2011 | 18:05
man u rock...............u can even play on water.....its great....... i hope u would have enjoyed it alot.........u r the best player of the world no matter what ranking....best of luck for future tournaments......i want u too beat everyone speciall Nadal