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Awesome ATP Promotion

02.01.2011 | Off Court, Starseite 1
I had a great experience playing on a water court with Rafa today, promoting the 
new ATP season. Enjoy the images in the photo gallery. 
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03.01.2011 | 18:00
Roger the photos are very good you amused much.
Best Regards!
03.01.2011 | 17:18
You are amazing!!
03.01.2011 | 17:17
all photos are very nice
glad that you had new experience, Dear Roger
glad that you enjoyed it too

have the best for the 2011 ATP World Tournaments
03.01.2011 | 16:55
My Hero i miss you
03.01.2011 | 16:27
Awesome! sure both of you are spectacular in the world of tennis, the only difference is you're a master and he is a great player :) i love to see you guys being good friends
03.01.2011 | 15:03
Really amazing!!!!
03.01.2011 | 14:55
Really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, you alredy are and always will be the #1 on watertennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03.01.2011 | 14:55
WOW!!!!! that is so cool!!!
i mean, thats really really amazing...i would like to try that someday! :)
it looks lovely!
thanks rog!
03.01.2011 | 14:42
You guys can actually invent a new sport: water tennis with vollies only.
Nice to see you still enjoy tennis. I will always enjoy you, Roger.
03.01.2011 | 14:29