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Webnews - Doha

11.01.2011 | Starseite 1, Tennis

Federer begins year on high note (The Province)

World No. 2 Roger Federer began his season in formidable fashion by beating Nikolay Davydenko 6-3, 6-4 to win the Qatar Open on Saturday. Federer did not drop a set throughout the tournament, and is looking good heading into the Australian Open, which begins Jan. 17. "I'm very happy to kick off the season today this way," Federer said. "I think I played an amazing match ... it will give me a lot of confidence for the remainder of the season."

'Flawless' Roger Federer sends ominous warning to Rafael Nadal (Herald Sun)

Roger Federer has sent a warning to his rivals ahead of his Australian Open defence, starting next week. Opening the new season as he ended the last, the Swiss master declared himself "almost flawless" after winning his third Qatar Open in Doha yesterday. The world No. 2 wrested the Qatar title back from the defending champion, Russia's Nikolay Davydenko, 6-3 6-4 to earn his 67th crown. Federer will practise on Rod Laver Arena this week before seeking a record 17th major singles success. "It is important to do well here," Federer said after dispensing with Davydenko in Doha. "I'm not just using this to get ready for the Australian Open. "When he's on, he's easily top 10 if not top 5 potentially, and that's why this is obviously a huge win, because I thought he was playing well. I thought the level of play was extremely high. I was very happy with it from my side. I was almost flawless and I was able to play offensive when I needed to and, when I wanted to, it all worked out.So I'm really pleased with such a great final."

Federer king for third time in Qatar (Gulf Times)

Roger Federer became the first man to win three titles in Doha when he outclassed Nikolay Davydenko in the final of the Qatar ExxonMobil Open at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex. “ Yeah, I think this is the best I have played against Davydenko. I mean, look, I think his serve has very much improved over the years and he’s become so solid and so, how do you say, just accurate with his shots over the years,” said Federer who noted that the Russian had won several titles. The authoritative victory also puts Federer in an excellent frame of mind to defend his title at the Australia Open in a week’s time. “I mean, people almost put too much of an emphasis that it’s purely a preparation tournament, and I don’t like to see it that way, because regardless of how I go here, I still have a week in Melbourne where I’ll prepare for the Australian Open. That’s preparation week for me. It was important to do well here. I’m not just only using this to get ready for the Australian Open. This is a pleasure coming to this part of the world where I actually do spend quite a bit of time, and I’ve always had, you know, good friends here in Qatar. I love playing here, been successful here in the past. That’s the reason why I come here, not because of the Australian Open really.”

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31.01.2011 | 19:55
Roger I hope you do well in the comng tournaments though you did well till the quaters in Australian open but certainly not in the semi-final and now you need to work more on your game and mental strength against the players whom you used to be very easily winning , so now work hard and win Grand slams also because that would only take you to the commanding and in the champion position again

From your die heart fan
15.01.2011 | 08:21
Roger, what about if I tell you that you are going to win all 2011 grand slams (of course it is not easy) would my guess be possible? I meane Tennis is made for you Roger.
13.01.2011 | 14:57
Warning to Rafa is not necessary at all...Rafa knows what he is going to deal with if he climbs up to quarter finals...he he he...
Roger ROCK & ROLL man...come ooooonnnnnn.....
13.01.2011 | 02:12
You were so good in Qatar, Roger and I am thrilled that you won your 67th title!!! And I just read that you are organizing an exhibition match for charity for the Australian flood victims. Note: How come 9 out of 10 times you are the only person who thinks of this??! Because you are the most caring person, that's why!!! Go on, Roger, win the Australian Open!!! Our support and love are with you always!
13.01.2011 | 00:55
Dear Roger,

Belated congratulations on your win in Doha and your 67th career title. You played a great tournament and your performance in the final was sublime. I have just read that you are organising a charity exhibition match on Sunday for the Australian flood victims. I knew you would arrange something as you are such a kind and caring person. Good luck at the Australian Open. Take care.

Love From Christinexx
12.01.2011 | 22:03
Tahnkyou, LOVEFROMJAPAN, the choice was Eurosport's,
the words were mine!
Although RF is inspiration, I said what I've seen!
12.01.2011 | 19:48
great roger you are good and our star in our heart we love you and we want to see you,r succes just do it you can
12.01.2011 | 19:38
Dear Roger
Thank you for being such GREAT not only the athlete, but the MAN!!! You were the first to help poor people after that disaster in Australia! I'm proud of you dearest Roger!
Wishing you all the best and good luck, always
Love, Mimi
12.01.2011 | 19:17
great FLAWLESS news, champ~!!!

now, let's go get your FLAWLESS 17TH GS Trophy by defending your AO title for 2011 already....


May we all get to witness your FLAWLESSLY FEDEROCITY FOR THOSE purrRFect FEDERER MOMENTS TO COME~!!!!!
12.01.2011 | 19:08
Right, Roger; to keep the world and your friends all over the world as a family...that's the way you'll do it all the time, I've become aware of it:), Keep still the Tennis Fire burning:)
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