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Roger advances

28.03.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger has reached round four at the Miami Masters, battling down Juan Monaco 7-6(4), 6-4 today.

"I am happy with my game and things are going well," Roger commented. "I've played a lot more games than this time last year. I am confident going on court, preparing well and am happy with how things are going."

The Argentinian made Roger's life everything but easy. But our champ kept in the contest before making his move in the moments that counted.
The first set brought a break on either side, with Roger eventually showing the greater quality in the tiebreak to edge ahead. Both players continued fighting tough with Roger finally scoring the first break at 4-4 and finally pulling out a stunning drop shot to wrap up the match after a tough 104 minutes.

Roger will now play Olivier Rochus (ATP 89) whom he has beaten every time in seven matches so far.

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29.03.2011 | 22:31
Roger is lucky to have had Mirka travelling with him all those years and now his little girls are there with him too. Parents and friends also come over to watch him play, so for him it is not as if he is missing something by not being at home. Roger loves tennis AND all the attention he gets from the fans, he loves to travel and to meet people, so his life is still pretty ideal for him.
I am not worried: as long as Roger is healthy, he will be playing tennis for us.

29.03.2011 | 22:21
Thank you for defending Roger. I fully agree with you. When I watch Roger I never feel for one second that he should quit the game because of his age or because he isn't winning as many titles or as frequently as he once did. Last year he was unlucky getting that lung infection, but in the second half of the year he came back strong, winning the WTF because he was the best player of them all.
Roger is playing well and enjoying the game.
29.03.2011 | 21:51
Hello Roger,
nice to meet you! i'm glad, that you are still in very good form. I'm your fan! So, I hope, that you win the tournament :) SO, COME ON, ROGER. Jirka from Czech republic.
29.03.2011 | 21:43
You doing great Roger, keep going and lets win this thing Champ. All the best for tomorrow's match. Much love always!
29.03.2011 | 21:31
Awesome performance once again, Fed. You're playing so strong and confidence on court, and specially today, you rose the level when you needed it. Nice match!

Best wishes tonight with Rochus and keep on going as you've done. Always with you!
29.03.2011 | 21:02
Hi Roger,it was a good game with Monaco. I wasn't able to watch the game but based on the review, it seems that it was an exciting game. Goodl luck to tje ext game with Rocus. Concentrate and hope this time if you met Dykovich again, the 3 years itch were gone. This is your time to win. Good luck,

29.03.2011 | 19:35
fans, go to goroger.net and read the sampras interview. he is right. he was more burned out than roger at 29. we have a few fans upset roger lost to #3 djkc 3x this year. sampras, age 29, his 2001 losses: AO #54_ MEMPHIS #96_ ARIZ #43_IW #4_ MIAMI #119_ROME #54_ HAMBURRG #50, i'll skip on to WIMBY #15 ROGER FEDERER. our champ is doing so much better than that, we should just appreciate how great he is. he has lost to no one but #3 since nov. so i applaud him for his great form and play.
29.03.2011 | 18:50
Go Roger Go!

Love you always, Champ!
29.03.2011 | 18:10
Gongratulations! You play like always very good, keep going in the quarterfinal!
29.03.2011 | 17:49
Congratulations, dearest Roger, for making the 4th round. Your play and smiles always cheers me up.
Keep going and best of luck against Olivier tonight.
God bless you!