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Roger cruises through

23.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger won his first match in Paris against Feliciano Lopez (ATP 41) 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3) today.

He almost rountinely defeated Lopez, in contrast to his last match against him in Madrid. He took the first two sets without much sweat, collecting 12 aces throughout the match. After almost 2 hours Roger achieved his ninth victory in nine outings against the left-hander in the tiebreak.

Our champ will play Maxime Teixeira (ATP 181) in the next round. The two players have not met before.

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25.05.2011 | 12:33
Kamikase game from the Frenchi
25.05.2011 | 12:32
No bagel no breadstick so Fedi come on and finish it in style
25.05.2011 | 12:30
He ll have to serve it out
25.05.2011 | 12:26
5-1 in the Third.
25.05.2011 | 12:24
Great match today against Teixeira
congratulation in advance

Go on dear

Love you

25.05.2011 | 12:24
Guess it will have to be a baguette! But great attitude from Teixiera
25.05.2011 | 12:22
Indeed Lucaya think he will get his breadstick now
25.05.2011 | 12:20
4- 0
25.05.2011 | 12:19
@ boting Almost feel sorry for the poor guy! He couldn't do much more
25.05.2011 | 12:17
Fed is playing like that because he needs no practise today anymore
after this match can spend a nice afternoon with his ladies