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Roger cruises through

23.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger won his first match in Paris against Feliciano Lopez (ATP 41) 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3) today.

He almost rountinely defeated Lopez, in contrast to his last match against him in Madrid. He took the first two sets without much sweat, collecting 12 aces throughout the match. After almost 2 hours Roger achieved his ninth victory in nine outings against the left-hander in the tiebreak.

Our champ will play Maxime Teixeira (ATP 181) in the next round. The two players have not met before.

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25.05.2011 | 05:20
Well done Roger. Good luck in the next round and keep up the good work!
25.05.2011 | 05:09
Roger, You know that every point won is a good point. May all your points be good ones.
Wishing you the best for tomorrow's match. I ask that your guardian angels be around you, giving you strength.
Never take anyone for granted, even a #100. God bless you.
Love you always.
marie in mtl
25.05.2011 | 04:45
***Ramcharan, you are so right! Djokovic is trying to bend the stream toward his mill! Not very smartly, though, as there is a significant difference between Roger, his unique talent, and accomplishment. Djoke will be a player who is also good, also won Slams, above the average, and Nadal shall be the Clay king (clay feet, too.) But Roger has been and is pure gold: God didn't begrudge him any talents and gifts!
25.05.2011 | 04:41
**RAMCHARAN** did you read my full note? i can't stand joker either, in fact i like nadal better. i just want djoker to beat nadal at FO. he may not be able to do it. but, he is the only player who believes he can. i just want nadal to feel dominated for once in his life. he never has. i would rather roger beat nadal, but i don't believe roger has the belief. joker wants it so bad, he will work harder to do it. after that i want djoker to disappear forever. not to win even a challenger event.
25.05.2011 | 04:41
Ride out, Roger, on that court, with only one possibility in mind. And for all other matches, too. Yes, one by one, but I firmly believe in horses, coming from a great riding nation. and with horses a skilled rider can do amazing things, befuddle the enemy, rush them, and scatter them. Honestly, such players like to throw everything at you: return the favour with interest, please. Feel well, and feel convinced and show your intention! Thanks!
25.05.2011 | 04:28

yeah that's what I meant. Roger is the GOAT forever... see the ovation he gets across the world irrespective of the rankings.
25.05.2011 | 04:09
Roger is Roger. Nadal and Djoker can't be the same as Roger. Personality, sports, ambassdor for all the big brand name company from Switzerland sponsor him, so is Wilson and Nike. He has his legend. It's not time for him to retire because of his passion with tennis.
25.05.2011 | 04:03
continue - is incredible. He is still my Hero in Tennis.
25.05.2011 | 04:01
ramcharan - Roger is very flexible. Just to let know that he knows what he is doing.
He is very good in defense or offsense. Roger is the greatest tennis player of the century. It doesn't mean he is not winning now. He still the champion with the 16 grand slams. It is only a quarter of year 2011. Can Nadal or Djoker be the same once they reach Roger's age? I don't think so. History will tell who has the best in skill and talent. The way he played tennis is very smooth and the footwork
25.05.2011 | 03:19
Howdy Rogernatics!
Guess every little thing in this thread is feelin' jolly good. Boy how he moved so splendidly&looked darn elegant in his flaming red get-up. Fashion speaks at its loudest, hush! I wished though he wore his face on his sleeve a lot often as his flock is wont to do. Undoubtedly,the King is King of Cool and All!
Observation: Extra belly is saying hello to every1 lol.
P.S. Can ATP ask Rafa to stop spitting on clay? Tiger W. was fined for the same on the green. Show a little clas