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Roger cruises through

23.05.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger won his first match in Paris against Feliciano Lopez (ATP 41) 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3) today.

He almost rountinely defeated Lopez, in contrast to his last match against him in Madrid. He took the first two sets without much sweat, collecting 12 aces throughout the match. After almost 2 hours Roger achieved his ninth victory in nine outings against the left-hander in the tiebreak.

Our champ will play Maxime Teixeira (ATP 181) in the next round. The two players have not met before.

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25.05.2011 | 03:10
Dear Roger!!!!!!!
Excellent luck against Teixeira. RG 2011 is yours INSHALLAH.
25.05.2011 | 02:47
Thank you for the beautiful tennis Roger. Great 1st round, you were so sharp and serving well, fedorocity at its best. Wishing you an easy breezy match against Maxime. I am setting the clock at 5am to watch you tomorrow ..

Stay well Champ .. Luv u
25.05.2011 | 02:41
May be Djokovic is following the same strategy that Nadal used on Fed. He knows now that he can beat Nadal, projecting him as best ever and then constantly beating him in his prime makes him a great player... He also defeated Fed but Fed is past his prime. So beating Nadal gives more value to his legacy. Similar strategy was used by Nadal during 2006-08 on Fed. I don't hear that from him now since media is also calling him one of the greatest. But the world knows the actual GOAT, the mighty Fed.
25.05.2011 | 02:36
Is was Wonderful play. A game of the first meeting next to you also brace yourself, please.
Good luck!
25.05.2011 | 02:30
I don't like Djokovic (for his provoking of our Champ saying Nadal is greatest ever though everyone knows it's crap), but his run so far is impressive especially the way he dominated Nadal in Rome. I get the satisfaction that somebody is able block this falsely projected unbeatable-when-healthy player. I doubt if Nadal will be able to dominate in the future. He's turning 25 next week and I feel that based on his playing style in the past, his body is just 1-2 years younger to Fed.
25.05.2011 | 02:27
my dearest federer san, please stay healthy and happy. I pray you have a good match again.
25.05.2011 | 02:25
Excellent Roger! Moving great, playing amazing!

Nice polo and shoes, beautiful legs and shoulders!

Best wishes against Teixeira.

Take care and enjoy.

I love you… :)
25.05.2011 | 02:10
Goooo Roger! I'm going to wake up at 5:45 in the morning to watch you playing. You can win RG, as people are saying here, BELIEVE in yourself!
25.05.2011 | 01:51
**RAMCHARAN** i thought the exact same thing. i love fed. i want him to win every time he steps on court. his fans believe he has the ability to beat nadal. but, i don't think roger believes. so if nadal is in the final i want djoko there. no one has as much burning desire and huge belief as djoko that he can beat nadal. i want nadal dominated for once. djoko has the best chance. then djoko can disappear from sight. i can't stand him. he is not as good as fed to me but has 100x more belief.
25.05.2011 | 01:45
Go for it Roger make it happen it's all you in this tournament. The stars will align for you jus rip it..