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Roger races into round three

01.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger celebrated an easy win against Dudi Sela today, making his way into the third round of the US Open after a 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 victory.

Roger was fully in charge today, leaving Sela with no answers to his game. He served extremely well and captured one break in the opening set. Roger hit 70% of first serves, but even having a look at a second did nothing for Sela as our champ won 100% of points on his second serve in the first set - dropping just three service points in the opening stanza - and he sealed the set with a sublime serve and volley. Roger went on to dominate sets two and three - especially thanks to his serve - wrapping up the match in an hour and 17 minutes.

Next up is the winner of the match between Marin Cilic (ATP 27) and the young Australian Bernard Tomic.

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02.09.2011 | 22:35
Hello Roger!!!You are playing and looking so fine!!!!!The twins!!!How great to see a photo..they are getting big and look like Daddy!!! Get thru Cilic and all the way to the trophy......I know you can do it!!!Tons of love and luck!!
02.09.2011 | 21:11
my man...you are the best!!! don't forget that...not even in tough moments when you go to "your world" :)))...and you start to give gifts to the opponent....hehehhe, anyway good luck...and make it num. 17...i wish you can go to num. 20!!! you are TENNIS man...without you as number 1..eveything is so boring...i wish you the best...your biggest fan

02.09.2011 | 21:06
Dear Roger,

All the best lucks with the US Open, and wish you enjoy the games as well.
02.09.2011 | 20:59
02.09.2011 | 20:22
Congratulations on your win against Sela!!!
Your serve was terrific throughout the match and you picked up your play even more in the 2nd and 3rd sets. Your passing shots at the breakpoints were awesome!!!
Good solid match..........keep it up!!!
Best of luck in the next round!!!
02.09.2011 | 20:00
Just enough for win .Be careful tomorrow and good luck Roger.
02.09.2011 | 19:34
Great match, Roger!!! Just do it !!!
02.09.2011 | 18:14
An amazing display of talent!, congratulations, keep it up champ, we want to see the trophy in your hands!!!!
02.09.2011 | 18:13
Go to WSJ.com type NovaDjiokovic and see what he is doing....
02.09.2011 | 17:49
A wonderful match! A bit too speedy probably, just an hour and 17 minutes. Take care and keep playing your sublime tennis.
Good luck against Cilic tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Always your fan faithful,
Kei from Japan