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Ten out of ten!

04.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

With his victory against Marin Cilic yesterday, Roger qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals for the 10th consecutive year!

Roger is the fourth player after Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray to qualify. "It feels great to qualify once again," Roger said. "I had a great week at The O2 last year so I look forward to defending my title. The atmosphere there is incredible."

Roger has clinched the title five times in total: 2003-04 in Houston, 2006-07 in Shanghai and last year in London. Only Pete Sampras (11) and Ivan Lendl (12) appeared at the prestigious year-end event more often.

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06.09.2011 | 07:06
Break Point now, comon Roger
06.09.2011 | 07:00
Just tuned in Roger up 3-0 third set. WAY TO GO ROGER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06.09.2011 | 06:59
roger is playing perfect tennis right now ... whoooooa

3rd set 3-0
06.09.2011 | 06:48
update vs monaco live:

2nd set 6-2 ; fed is enjoying his game

one more champ!!!

first set 6-1; brilliant
06.09.2011 | 06:35
Amazing performance!!!

Go Roger
06.09.2011 | 06:22
vs monaco live

first set 6-1; brilliant

go go champ!!!
06.09.2011 | 04:47
Congratulations, for me ,is not a surprise.
06.09.2011 | 04:31
Congratulations, Roger. I wish you to win in London this year as well. You know you can do it.

Remember, "There is no finish line" Go for it.

For tonight, I wish you the same. You are in my prayers. I know it is a little late, so please stay wide awake, be agressive, patient and win, win, win. You are the champion,
Bless you, with all my love.
marie in mtl
06.09.2011 | 03:56
kudos roger...the atp world championships will not be the same without you..here's yearning endlessly for another 5 years minimum of playing this sport..Cheer on federer nation! best wishes on your tiff with monaco..couldn't wait to see you inevitably take the game to tsonga in the quarters..
06.09.2011 | 02:27
I am not affraid that roger loose vs monaco... he win for sure, but in QF tsonga is waiting. and i saw his match vs fish.. tsonga was strong!!! but good luck Fedexpress!!!!!!!!!!!