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Roger vs. Roddick 2012

09.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 2

Roger will be squaring off in an exhibition match against Andy Roddick at Madison Square Garden on March 5th, 2012. The two will be facing against each other in a match over three sets, which has been part of the annual BNP Paribas Showdown exhibition.

Both players have clashed 25 times in past with Roger leading the contest 22-3 against the American former No.1. They have battled four times in grand slam finals, three in Wimbledon and one at the US Open, with our 16 times champ winning all four encounters. The best grand slam final encounter between the two goes back to Wimbledon 2009, where Roger defeated Andy in a thrilling tie set victory 5-7, 7-6(6), 7-6(5), 3-6 and 16-14.

Earlier in the evening of March 5th the crowd will be able to enjoy an exhibition-match between Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki.

Tickets will be on sale from October 3rd 10:00 am. See www.thegarden.com for more information.

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30.09.2011 | 09:57
sunstorm.....I don't think Roger plays just for money. He loves tennis and he loves the attention Americans give him. NYC loves him. Besides, exhibitions are fun, like practicing; not brutal, like the tour competition. Roger is very much in demand. He may as well pick up the easy money while he can. Bet Novac and Rafa would jump at the chance to play at MSG. Also, because of Roger's status in the tennis world, there are many social and business activities that he is expected to attend worldwide.
27.09.2011 | 00:31
Hi Roger!!! I just bought tickets to see you at the Garden!! Will be sitting at section 115 row 6 seats 5-6!! ;) Can't wait to see you play! My boyfriend and I are both so excitedddddd!!!!!
This will be our first time watching you play and we love you! Take care!
21.09.2011 | 21:00
An exho with Andy at the Garden !!! it sounds so exciting !
I hope to see you there, Rogi. Wishing you the best. Enjoy !
16.09.2011 | 05:58
Medhattzzz you said it. ;)
16.09.2011 | 03:47
i just wanted to comment on the one who called sunstorm ..
djokovic had gain alot of money this year not onlyy winning competions ..and also you don't say to a pro player and nt ordinary player that he do so and don't do so.. we like federer when he won every grand slam title nd we also like him when he lost at aust. 2009 and lost that 2 times in us open facing djoko .. if u don't like this man go search there's djoko and rafa but there's over 8 million fans loves this man truely whatever he did
16.09.2011 | 03:01
I am so happy to see this. I love watching you and Andy and I just wish I could be there in person! Enjoy yourselves!
15.09.2011 | 20:05
This will be the best exhibition match. I am so excited. Your rivalry with Andy Roddick is the best rivalry in my opinion.
14.09.2011 | 21:45
I am certain that you will be number one where you belong by the end of next season if you can keep your level of 2011 American Open. You are the greatest ever.
14.09.2011 | 19:23
My two favourite players! Have fun Roger and keep playing your beautiful game in 2012 and beyond. We all know there is space for at least another grand slam in that illustrious trophy cabinet of yours! COME ON ROGER!
14.09.2011 | 16:34
Love you forever!!Good luck!Roger can bless yourself!!
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