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Roger defeated in 5 sets

10.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to end his quest for another US Open title with a 7-6(9), 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 5-7 defeat against Novak Djokovic in the semi-final today.


Roger had a tough day as it is only the second time in a total of 184 matches that he has been beaten after leading by two sets. The loss means he will finish a season without a grand slam title for the first time since 2002.

Everything looked perfect in the beginning as Roger booked the first two sets and was playing really well. It was in the two following two sets that Djokovic raised his level of play while Roger did not quite keep up. Roger got everything back together in the final set, taking it to 40-15 on his serve at 5-3. But an incredibly hard forehand from the Serb and one of Roger's balls just barely touching the net and sailing into the out kept him from clinching the victory. Djokovic went sailing through and secured the win after over four hours of play.

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15.09.2011 | 17:21
With this sentence, I refer to the entire sports nation, "Lord, Dr. Roger Federer can win only on yourself no one in this world-never". I ask all other active tennis players to accept this harsh reality! Greetings from Joje and Myers from Serbia-Banatsko great Selo.PS REMEMBER THIS AND GOOD WORDS, GREETINGS TO RF!
15.09.2011 | 14:19
Roger: I think that the statistics that say you are the third most loved athlete in the world are wrong, you are defenitely the most loved athlete in the world, I can see that by all the support you get here. I think it is because you are an awesome person as well as a true great in your craft. Go all the way with Stan in the Davis Cup, I Think that you have a better team than any of the world group countries and you could go all the way next year, on top of that you are a team of friends.
15.09.2011 | 13:49
i dont know if this has been posted...fed practicing in aus

15.09.2011 | 13:37
All of us want to see a come back from Roger, dude there r some reasons why he will never be no.1 again and the main reason is the in most of the big matches he gets out of energy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0y-T_bnbxw
15.09.2011 | 13:36
You faught so hard and played so well through out this tournament, with a great win over Tsonga too.
I believe it is a sign for things to come, and
15.09.2011 | 12:51
its just a rough patch. we are with you. not only us, but the whole tennis world believes that you will be back..and when that happens, you will be unstoppable!

15.09.2011 | 12:49
Good luck !Good luck !you are always the NO.1
15.09.2011 | 11:44
Hi Roger,
You are the SUN in the world of tennis. It is just the nightfall and you are not visible. Waiting to see your rise tomorrow morning.. Come on, forget about US open results.... Whole 2012 and beyond will be yours..
15.09.2011 | 10:38
Good luck against Lleyton Hewitt Roger. It should make for an interesting and fun match for you and everyone to watch. My only worry is that you have not had much time to aclimatise to the surface and the new time zone. You have much experience so I guess if anyone can deal with it you are the man! Please do not make yourself ill by cutting things too fine! Stan has an interesting match against Tomic, then the doubles, what a great pair you are! Lots of success and luck to you and everyone.
15.09.2011 | 08:58
Roger you'll win another grand slam,I'm nearly sure about it! :)