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Roger defeated in 5 sets

10.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger had to end his quest for another US Open title with a 7-6(9), 6-4, 3-6, 2-6, 5-7 defeat against Novak Djokovic in the semi-final today.


Roger had a tough day as it is only the second time in a total of 184 matches that he has been beaten after leading by two sets. The loss means he will finish a season without a grand slam title for the first time since 2002.

Everything looked perfect in the beginning as Roger booked the first two sets and was playing really well. It was in the two following two sets that Djokovic raised his level of play while Roger did not quite keep up. Roger got everything back together in the final set, taking it to 40-15 on his serve at 5-3. But an incredibly hard forehand from the Serb and one of Roger's balls just barely touching the net and sailing into the out kept him from clinching the victory. Djokovic went sailing through and secured the win after over four hours of play.

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14.09.2011 | 16:51
Hi Roger, its really heartache for yourself and all your fans.
However, we still love you no matter what!

Enjoy your games!

Please go to Shanghai.... I am flying there just to see you play. See you in Shanghai!
14.09.2011 | 16:32
Hi Rog, Sorry about your los in the U.S. Semi final, as you were playing so great, must be very disappointing for you, to be so close, BUT it is not the end of the world!!, you are still a fantastic tennis player, and a great pleasure to watch. Have a nice break with your family and take care.
14.09.2011 | 16:06
Nice smile. Have fun in Australia.
14.09.2011 | 16:05
Roger, pity for all missed opportunities, not only this year but also earlier.
You lost three years in a row in New York even though you had the advantage. This year you have lost twice, you almost lost the advantage in Australia. All this says more about you than about your rivals, who are well prepared and took advantage of their opportunities.
It appears that you are physically well, but mentally? I hope that you will solve the problem whatever it is, and that you will win the titles soon.
14.09.2011 | 15:33
I don't believe it.
40-15, two matchpoint at the 5 set.
Someone explain me what is happened!!!
14.09.2011 | 15:08
Let's simply ignore malicious comments. Unfortunately, envy people exist everywhere (too bad they exist in my country as well). :/
Wish you all the best RF! Greetings from Serbia! :)))
14.09.2011 | 15:05
how are you roger. i hope that you you are better in playing tennis now. roger , why are you making that to your fans ha. you had two match points and on your serve and you lost it. i'm sure that you blamed your self when you played a small serve when it was 40 - 15.i hope that you train your self for the backhand and i hope that you trained your self for increasing your speed. RF you are the king of kings but don't to let us feel sorry for you and thank you. sorry for that words roger i love u.
14.09.2011 | 14:53
Roger is a gentleman ... which certainly can not be said for Djokovic ... The family irritates me and Djokovic's behavior! RF is the king!
14.09.2011 | 14:31
14.09.2011 | 14:30
hahah NIKOLA011 stvarno si idiot. Ni ne poznajem ljude koji su se javili. Da ti Djokovici nisu dali neki dinar pa si tako pristrasan a? Smeshan si dechache. Idi radi pametnije stvari, idi na ndj.com pa pishi hvalospeve.