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Decision on Monday

18.09.2011 | Tennis, Starseite 1

Roger levelled the Davis Cup encouter against Australia at 2-2 with a 6-2, 7-5, 3-6, 6-3 win over  Bernard Tomic today.

"It was tough conditions today, but I really had a pleasure coming down here and playing; we'll see how it all works out in the fifth rubber," said Roger after the mtach.

Now it is up to Stanislas Wawrinka - he took a 4-6, 6-4, 6-7(9) 6-4, 5-3 lead against Lleyton Hewitt when the match had to be stopped due to darkness. The decision was postponed to Monday.

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19.09.2011 | 10:00
What a fantastic win for Switzerland! What a great show of mental strength, determination and a will to win! When you lost the doubles and Stan lost against Tomic, I really thought it was doubtful that Switzerland would pull through with both of you jet lagged, injured/fatigued. I thought it was a huge ask of Stan to beat Lleyton, while injured and of course with the full pressure of winning the rubber on him. I did not think he could do it. I am really delighted he proved me wrong! Thankyou!
19.09.2011 | 09:44
Well done you two! Great result in difficult conditions. Could only watch bits on youbute while UK tv showed dreary UK vs Hunary and poor France getting hammered.
Have a good rest. have faith in yourself. I do believe there's more to come.
19.09.2011 | 09:43
Great match, Roger!! Congrats though you couldn't finish the match within 3 sets. Anyway, you've done brilliantly to help your country and Switzerland deserves the victory!! :)
19.09.2011 | 08:57
congrats u champ and for stan for ur win in davis cup.....
19.09.2011 | 08:57
Good stuff, congrat, tough matches not in the least cause of all the travel.
@Williamalphonso: I have never seen Rogers backhand so solid throught the season so I can hardly imagine that he lost his matches there. Don't want to pick it all up again but in most important matches he lost, I noticed a strong detoriation of his serve and as such, his total game. And yes you can't hit aces 4 hours in a row but against Nole it simply happened too soon. just my two cents
19.09.2011 | 08:56
Holding all the GS next yr along with Olympic gold medal and becoming the first player in men's tennis to win a GOLDEN SLAM will be good.....i think he is the only person who deserves this FIRST.....hope he will......
19.09.2011 | 08:44
Congratulations to Roger and Stan for beating Australia! Roger , you were tired but you still pulled through, and that is the mark of a true champion. I hope this victory gives you a mental boost for the rest of the year, leave the losses behind and move on to more victories!!! Xxxxx
19.09.2011 | 08:34
Thank God you two won. With stress from US open, jet lag and Stan's leg injury. and you battled and won in a partisan stage. That's great effort. Shows just how your hard work and committement can pay off. I believe with this kind of work, next year will still be full of titles for you. Continue inspiring the world with your work.
19.09.2011 | 07:50
Great result Roger, congratulations for all the team, amazing matchs!!!
19.09.2011 | 07:49
Congratulations Roger! Congratulations Swiss team!